Zotac launches a new Pair of Graphics Enhancement

zotac ge force gtx 660 ti

Zotac International, a multinational company has revealed the whereabouts of their two latest model of graphics enhancement. Both of them are happen to be based on the GTX 660 Ti GPU, designed and developed by Nvidia. The Zotac International Company claimed that the graphics cards would be known as Zotac GeForce GTX 660 Ti and GTX 660 Ti AMP Edition respectively. They also have claimed the 2nd graphics card to be a factory overclocked one.

According to all the claims that are made by Zotac, it is known that in this new series of Zotac GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card will be enhanced with the exclusively new technology known as Dual Silencer for cooling. This latest technology will allow these graphics cards to deliver an ultra-low temperature and there will a noise reduction that will give a 10dB sound reduction under full load. Not only that, as a matter of fact, this will also help the AMR Edition of the graphics card with the thermal headroom which is necessary to push all the limits and also extract an extra performance boost about 10% for the smoother gameplay and  the higher frame rates.

Carsten Berger, the marketing director of the Zotac International Company claimed that this graphics card was not completely their own idea. He said that many of consumers of Zotac products demanded a graphics card that will possess a custom cooler. It is a latest technology like Nvidia GPU Boost and Nvidia Surround at a class price point. So after that they claimed to be working on it over the last couple of months to come up with this Zotac GeForce GTX 660 Ti with their exclusive technology, the Dual Silencer cooling system.

The Zotac Company also claimed that there are not many differences between these two graphics cards. They both have 90% of their specifications to be exact same. But the only and main difference lies in the clock speed of the engine and the memory of them. The graphics card features the SMX architecture developed by Nvidia and for this reason; they deliver a very superior performance in case of gaming.  The energy-efficiency is also being increased by 11% from their successors. These cards is also claimed to support an extra i.e. 4th monitor in the desktop mode.



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