Words With Friends- vocabulary building puzzle game

words with friends

Nowadays most of the games that a long time ago was based on their physical behavior have now come to internet innovation. These games are widely used and are played most of each individual and also for business professionals. One of the games that is widely played worldwide which is having similar manner    to classic board game “scrabbles”. But the little difference is that the words with friends are not officially associated with the word scrabble. Words and friends are very addictive to play and it’s very competitive to watch and perform with. It is a game of open-minded person or individual since it uses more of your mind powers, and also helps enhance you to be a better person by showing an awesome performance by playing this one. Words with friends is a multi-player word game that was developed by Zynga- a very popular company that develop also several games that are embedded in the social networking sites. It’s a game that will surely require mental strength and it’s a great way of showing great contribution to each individual. This game is similar to the board game “scrabble” which players are all given seven (7) tiles that are randomly chosen which are all replenish after until the 104 tiles have been used. With the great innovation today that are widely available is the use of internet, so that’s why they came up with this one of a kind game that can be played online at your convenient time and place.


Scoring of this game is much similar with the board game mentioned in the previous. Each tile letter has a value which is worth 1 point, 2 points or even three points. If you used letters that are hard to bet, then it will probably you will get a high score. There are also pattern square across the board, and it composes of double letter, triple letter, double and triple word. The goal of the player is to utilize the tiles that he/she got so that it will produce more high scores that his/her opponents. The great or difficult of word you play across the word with friends game is very much appreciated and a lot better to aim a high score. The game cal also end if three turns have passed with no points scored.


The game words and friends have some strategy to be discussed with. The strategy involves how the players started the game, the tiles in hand, how prolific is the player was. Some players are often more aggressive at first to show to his/her opponents that he/she is a force to reckon with. Some players are forming long words in their turn to have a high score early or built an early lead to opponents. The other way of strategy is what we called conservative way, in which the player is more often on the defensive scheme rather than attacking or doing aggressive moves at early stage of the game. They players in the words and games are often make short or long words to correspond to their score and at the same time, they have plans to counter-attack the opponents by displaying their fierce in the battle , or showing defensive strategy.


This game which is called words and games are so loved by the people all over the world because in this game, they can freely exercise the beauty of being open-minded and vocabulary wise. As the game progressing, you can determine who was more abundant and adequate in knowledge in terms of word creation and also by using the often-used tiles that have corresponding higher values.

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