Why apps for phones are better than that of tablets?

Many people consider tablet as just a bigger device than their Smartphone. They do not realize the true potential of the device. People don’t prefer to buy a tablet just because it’s much bigger in shape, too big for their pocket, cannot make a call with them (some of the tablets provide this option) and they can get a Smartphone at that price. Tablets can be used to read eBooks, play games and all other things that a Smartphone can provide but with a bigger display it beats the Smartphone in most of the cases. For instance let’s take the case of eBooks, the Smartphone with small display makes it difficult to read and if you are in a ride which is not smooth then it becomes nearly impossible for you to read anything but with a tab you can read eBooks comfortably.

apps for tablets
The problem is similar for game developers. They seem to ignore the advantage a tab has over Smartphone. Almost all of the developers take the games for Smartphone, increase the graphics and resolution and think it’s good to go. Developers never think about using the features to make a better game for the platform, one which will be better than its counterpart and gives the player the satisfaction of owning a tab.

Every developer must remember the ergonomics of tablet before preparing a new game for tabs. Making use of the feature not only makes the game good but also makes it popular among tablet owners. Games for tablets should be such that the player doesn’t feel uncomfortable due to the size of the device. With the increase in the processing power, RAM and graphics processors in the tabs the developers should use the size of the display as an advantage and not look upon it as a disadvantage. With the competition rising we can hope that we would soon be seeing the app stores being flooded with games specially designed and coded for the tabs. With the number of tablets sold reaching tens of millions it’s high time the developers take notice and create games worth playing in a tablet.



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