Why Android Is Considered the Best Smart Phone OS?

Android was developed by Google in 2008 specifically for mobile devices and there’s no doubt of its immense popularity throughout the world. As a result of an open policy that allows the use of Android technology by any individual, group or companies, program developers have been able to contribute to the rapid progress of mobile technology. This is well evidenced when you compare this to most other manufacturers of mobile devices that have not had the opportunity to go ahead using advanced technology due to strict rules and guidelines that prohibit them from going forward.
One of the reasons for the unprecedented success of the Android is its ability to run multiple programs concurrently without losing anything in the way of speed or performance. This automatically provides for an easy and smooth experience not to mention the hundreds of Apps that are being introduced to users on a regular basis with there being something for everyone from professionals to housewives and students. This no doubt is due to Program developers being given a free hand to offer their contributions while a support network is always on hand to help them configure their applications.
With many top manufacturers of mobile phones having released their own version of the Smart Phone with Android technology, all cell phone users are now able to buy their favorite brand. Since the technology has been widely shared, the only thing the buyer has to do is to look for the device that has a majority of the features he’s looking for. It’s important however to keep in mind that the Android software is regularly updated by Google and to ensure that you do not miss out on the latest features, it’s best to buy an Android mobile that is capable of supporting OS upgrades.
Being one of the most flexible smart phones available in the market today, it can perform highly technical activities that most phones are not capable of. Not only can the Android phones provide the usual services such as placing and receiving calls and texting; but also makes it possible to send e-mails, access the internet and social networking sites, play games, listen to music and watch movies as well. It can also be used as a digital camera or video recorder, all available in one small device that can be held in the palm of your hand.
All this goes to show that Android is becoming the mobile phone OS of the future and has indeed proved to be a major headache to the giants in the field like Apple that brought out the very first Smartphone into the world. As with any Smartphone, the Android phones too come with a price tag that can be beyond the capability of the average citizen. Being aware of your limitations in this sphere and understanding your needs however will help you to narrow down your search to enable you to buy the most suitable Android phone of your choice to meet your requirements.



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