What To Wear In the Scorching Heat?

What To Wear In the Scorching Heat.

This question is often asked by the teenagers and the above 20s who want to look good without the sweat. Although there are many answers but the first is to be comfortable and not showy. Seeking compliments from friends and following the fashion trend is something everyone likes. But when it comes to looking great, it’s more about being in the fashion trend and following colors that suit you. For example: If you are preparing for pool sides get together or a party in the evening, you don’t have to dress up like a glam doll rather be comfortable in skin, match the occasion and try to make your appearance nice and casual. And if you are still confused what to wear- a nice outfit, one piece dress, cool and casual will look amazing.

The next fashion trend you can follow is to wear smart casual shorts and some funky tee, sleeveless or a halter neck cotton blouse to beat the heat. Once you have had the look, try pairing it smart sandals, gladiators, or may be a sexy looking ballerina. The makeup must be water proof, (remember, there are so many brands offering that!). Also it should not allow lot of sweat to come out. With makeup keep it light and simple. Don’t overdo with your eyes just because eye highlighting is one of the fashion trends.

The scorching sun and the warm wind irritate your skin completely. Opt for cotton or a mix with Lycra to get the real party tone. Say a definite no to denims that you usually go for. Few fashion trends that are setting up are to wear very short dresses or the tea length dresses with halter neck or nice looking spaghetti in white and creams. If you are not that tall that you can take on a good thigh length dress, you can opt for shorts, may be some sexy number,-a nice crisp cotton skirt to look appropriate.

Colors like orange, cool blues, white, creams, light gold, yellows and greens are very much listed in the fashion trends this year. Aqua and emerald green can already be found in stores and if you are female who has an attitude to carry any or every color with grace, the world of apparel is all open for you to grab. Let the fashion trends roll and you set your pace and walk with the every direction it sends you to.



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