What Is Microsoft Excel And How Someone Can Use It

using excel

The Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program or workbook that is electronic which will be able to be used to store, manipulate data and for organizing. The workbook is an application for the computer, which will allow the user to have a series of different numbers entered along with other types of data. The screen will show a table that is rectangular or grid with columns and rows for Microsoft Excel. With the rows, which are horizontal, they are identified with numbers and the ones that are vertical will be letters. For the columns that are beyond that number 26, these columns will be identified with two or more different letters like AA.

The point that is between the rows and column is a small box that is rectangular is known as the cell. A cell will be the basic type of unit that is for having data stored in this spreadsheet. Because these Microsoft Excel spreadsheets will contain the thousands of cells, every one of them will be given a cell address or reference for identifying it. The reference for the cell is the combination of number and letters.

Microsoft Excel cells can hold data that is text, numbers or formulas. Just when a person is in a math type class, they will need to use formulas for calculating the data, which is contained in all others cells. Microsoft Excel and the other type of electronic spreadsheets will include many different numbers that are built in for formulas to be used for the task that is common type of function. What the purpose of the Microsoft Excel application will allow the users to have data collected in a location that is specific for future and/or current use.

The Microsoft Excel is only one spreadsheet type of application that is out there. One of the other’s is Lotus 123, which was one of the spreadsheets that were dominant in the 80s, of course before Microsoft Excel was even released. The Excel was released in the year 1984 or 85. This was actually originally written for Apple Macintosh. There of course were many others and have been since of the other programs for spreadsheets out there, but the Lotus and Excel are ones that are the most used. Of course there are so many more of the programs that can be used but why even bother with them at this point.

Most of the businesses that are in the United States as well as around the world will have the Excel Program. This is either for computers that are Apple or IBM PCs that are compatible. This will mean Microsoft Excel will be the program to be used for years or even decades, of course as long as the Microsoft Company makes the advanced type of application, making it where they stay way ahead of their competition.

So most of the Windows type of computers will be shipped with Microsoft Excel, this how someone can find the accounting, statistical analysis and spreadsheets just by going there. Of course if the business does not have this software then there are many reasons they should get this. It also has versatility to allow someone to have their financial analysis type of goals achieved. Since this comes with the Microsoft Office software, it will allow greater incorporation between the various types of office applications. There may be a lot more that can be done with the program but these are just a few that comes to mind for a business at the moment.

They will easily be able to transfer or convert their Excel spreadsheets into documents of text-for example the Microsoft Word- or they can paste charts and bars that are neat into a presentation by Microsoft PowerPoint. While these functions that are basic they are very easy for someone to learn, it really should be noted that these types of software could pack a serious punch also because of the more powerful types of features. The features and functions can be best learned when they take a training course for Excel, if a person seeks to have the true potential uncovered.

When they take the proper training for Excel will allow them to use this program efficiently and effectively to meet their needs for their business. If someone is working in the division of payroll, using the Excel program can help them to do the accounting types of tasks very smoothly. If they are in the department of sales then they can use it for measuring the losses and gains along with profits and investments. This is software that can help with the organization for the portfolio for their business to better keep track of the investments and stocks that they have.



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