The entire week passes by working in chaotic situations and weekends slip away easily. Weekends are the only pleasures which are desperately awaited by everyone specially students. Working may seem very hectic and boring but learning at larger pace like that in schools and college becomes very monotonous. Hence weekends are truly waited to seek some change out of regular busy life. Weekends are usually spent relaxing, going out for a change, trying new things or simply sleeping. It can be versatile and boring. Different people choose different ways to spend their weekends. From children to elders everyone has their weekend regime.  Everyone has a different aspect for weekends specially teenagers and college going students. The higher proportion of people desperately waiting for weekend’s lye in category of students.  Attending college regularly and completing assignments on daily basis actually becomes very hectic. Hectic enough to neglect other things necessary. Time slotted for studies broadens so much that nothing else fits in. hence students have a complete divergent panorama for weekends.



  • Weekends may seem boring for some people but it’s never lifeless from a college going student’s aspect. Weekends are the time which is desperately waited for. Weekends act like lubricants to these students. Entire week passes by spending time interminable lectures and weekends pass by enjoying and spending great time which adds lubricant to coming week. There are loads of activities to be enlisted for weekends and students never fall prey for that.
  • After living a monotonous and hectic weekdays weekends become so interesting and fascinating that it actually feel blissful to spend them fruitfully. Weekends has its true essence only after working for the entire week. Unless you are working holidays in weekends become useless. The conventional routine for weekends varies from different age groups. Elders seek to rest; they particularly don’t feel the essence of it. Office going people intend to rest , to get their extra scheduled work done , spent time with their family , go out on small trips and relax to fullest. Students on the other hand have unending list of activities to do in weekends.
  • Being a Student is a phase wherein we live two shades, dependence and independence. Planning holidays and weekends lye in that shade of independence.  There is a lot of diversity among students. So planning’s for weekends differ from people to people and troupes to groups.



College hours and routine consumes almost writing reading, studying and solving. Students may get bored of this but there are some students who are passionate about it for a longer stretch. They spent their weekends studying new things, covering the extra data of college and getting into interesting facts and figure. College hours may not provide time to study extra factors and topics but for these students weekend is like a boon. They sit for hours reading their academics or academics related articles.  In short there are students who spent their weekend reading and relaxing.




The other troupe which is a complete opposite of nerds are the ones for whom sitting in lecture is a curse. For such students weekends is their absolution. They spent their time roaming new places. Spending times in their friend circle and exploring more.  Usually weekends is the time for them when head good clubs and pubs. Spent their time experiencing good food soothing ambiance and return late night for a pleasant sleep. All they are concerned about is to spend their weekend in most amazing way. Hitting a good place, spending good times with friends trying out new things and exploring more is the type of genre they live for weekends.



Weekends are a time of peace. Complete holiday with some homework but rest time is all ours. There are students who enhance this time in solitude. They emphasize their solitude to analyses their progress their upcoming challenges and prepare themselves for further activities. They not only study more about themselves but also synchronize themselves to the outer world spiritually and physically. On weekends they plan or they write things. They prepare reports, articles and carry out analysis to help them with upcoming schedule. These are the students who lye a step ahead of everyone. They take care of everything and simultaneously do their work



Working entire week doesn’t give free time to spend or perform any other activity and for such time spending time with people becomes difficult. After busy schedule it feels so serene to stay with loved ones and family. Just to be with them and converse and help them out gives pleasant feeling and makes the entire time peaceful. This is the time when family’s go out on trips, students help their younger brother or sister, they help father to get his work done and help mother with buying things. In short the weekend passes by spending time with family and settling things for the family such that along with the student the family is also settled with schedule for the entire week.



Pursuing hobby while attending regular college is a burdensome task. Hence most of students find weekends perfect for it.  Reading and writing is fine but other than that many students spend their time playing good sports. They play for hours and they even get proper time to rest.  Other than playing there are students who love cooking. They explore new things prepare and try out new dishes and make most of their weekends. Pursuing hobby in weekends is a very pleasant and serene job to do. It gives good pleasure of peace and happiness.



This list of weekend plans will never end specially in this genre. Some students who can stick to a single place explore new places to trip around. They gather everyone, go on trips have fun and experience change. This is their pleasant work on weekends. Traversing new places give a good variation in state of mind. Calms the thought process and helps rejuvenating energy for upcoming week.

The best part of weekends is it gives amusing time of change which helps in rebuilding the mindset and clears all the fatal impact from head.