Ways to create an invisible folder -Latest tricks

Ways to create an invisible folder -Latest tricks

Every one of us wishes to have privacy. So, it is imperative to know how we can hide our personal data from others. There are  many folder locking softwares but in windows there is an option of creating an invisible folder. Just by following these simple steps you can create an invisible folder. Only you can know where the folder is, no one can access that folder other than you.

Step 1:

Create a folder in any drive.

Step 2:

Now rename the folder [shortcut press f2]

Step 3:

Press alt+0160 as name of the folder. Then you can see that name of the folder will become invisible (alt+0160 numbers should be entered from numpad not from the numbers that are situated above the alphabets [for laptops there will be no numpad separately but it is situated in combination with alphabets, have a look at alphabets jkl there will numbers as superscript, letters mjkluio89 acts as 0123456789]).

Step 4:

Right click on that folder and click on customize a change icon. There you will find invisible icon images (shell32.dll) select it. Click ok and apply. And that’s it your invisible folder is ready and location of that folder is only known to you.



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