Wallets or Clutches- Which One Is Suitable?


Females may have fetish for shoes and branded clothes but with more options in bags, clutches and wallets, it’s not about how much money you have in your kitty but also about what is in your hand. The girly wallets or superiorly designed clutches are quite in. Running high from last year now you can see them in brighter shades, beautiful prints, sequin work and get them made just the matching to your party dress.

If you strictly want to go by the fashion trends of 2013 wallets is the way you should go for. They have plenty of pockets, nice vibrant colors, designs, zips openers, buttons or just a smart loop. On the other hand, a clutch with magnet open and close clasp looks great if you are just taking it without a bag. It looks great in hands and with smart traditional Indian dresses and short summer numbers. The 2013 fashion trend convinces that ethnic is the way to go.  With multiple brands in the market, you will find soft leather, hard stuff as well as other soft clothes as the covering of these small purses.

The fashion trends of 2013 also has a lot of variety in big rectangular wallets and purses which look smart when taken for shopping and or take it with formal dresses. If you are looking for something you can take in your bag daily, opt for wallets that look good in colors that go with your personality. 2013 fashion trend must be taken with a lot of care. Since bright, glamorous and sharp look is in, don’t just go for anything that is shimmery. Opt as per occasions and match or take in contrast with your outfit. From college going girls to females who are fond of stylish bags and wallets, there are many who know how to make the best of money. From classic bags to clutches that suit every color or are in multi colors you must have them this season.

The Fashion trends of 2013 are in every way is very young and chilled out. From blacks to beige and now deep orange and bright pinks your wallet or clutch can range from bright yellow to sparkling silver depending upon the occasion. 2013 fashion trend offers a complete store for money cards and purse essentials for every female. Shop online or look in the street market for different wallets and purses.