Useful Tips About Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Corporation has made a huge impact in the technology industry. This can easily be told from their numerous applications that they have developed. Microsoft office suite is one of their developments that have changed operations in big and small corporations, institutions of learning to small business. Microsoft Excel is definitely one of the several applications that you will find in Microsoft office suite. This application allows users to be able to manipulate and store data. The data is then stored in a collection of structures that have a table format. These structures are known as workbooks, a workbook is made up of several worksheets that organize data into cells.

By entering the data within the cells you can be able to easily do calculation that ranges from those that require simple formulas to those that needs complex formulas. In addition to that, users also have the liberty of inserting objects like graphs and charts. In other words users can easily represent their data graphically in the workbook. This program was initially developed only to be used with Apple Computers. This however, changed in the year 1987 when Microsoft windows were launched. It became one of the maiden programs developed for Microsoft windows.

Microsoft Excel has been developed with numerous features to allow user to perform several things using this program. Some of those features include as mentioned earlier graphs, charts, filtering, sorting, and formulas. These have made it much easy for users to be able to be able to manipulate and store data more easily. There have been constant updates on Microsoft Excel and this has seen the inclusion of new features that have not only made work even easier but also easily customizable. Some of the new features include the visual basic for applications, the export and import options, and pivot tables among others.

This program also has menus and tools that are very important in enhancing navigation within the workbooks. You can easily customize the menus and the tools to suit your needs. There are a number of ways that you can save your workbooks and the other excel files. By using the import and export feature, you should be able to move those workbooks and files that are already created for later use.

As regards the versions, Microsoft excel have had several versions for each of the three main operating systems. From 1987 up until now eleven versions have been created for Microsoft Windows. Three distinct versions for OS/2 they were released between 1989 and 1991. From the year 1985 up until now Apple Macintosh has enjoyed twelve distinct versions.



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