Updated version of Google maps for android includes 1million civic transportation info

android maps

Google recently declared the expansion of their mapping service for mobile phones. This application known as Google maps is a part of android phones which has been upgraded to serve as an assistance provider. This new version is called the v6.1 which targets on to listing civic transportation stops for around 500 different cities across the world.

Google announced their recent update on its blog post and also proclaimed the vital details of the new application. It is facilitated to serve and propose directions and routes for above a million public transport stops around the globe. Indoor directions for navigation are also provided with motion detectors as well. The new version has got certain Transit layer changes which enables a user select the mode of transportation. There are inbuilt options to choose from bus, train, subway or tram and personal car. This hides all the other modes than the selected one and hence nears down your search for routes and guide specific directions. This facility comes as a great help in congested areas which have compact traffic and many different public vehicles at the same time. Just by tapping a station name on the list opens up the layout page on the Google maps now.

Apart from this the new Google maps version has highlighting facility which helps in locating exact and sub areas which are not very distinct otherwise. The My Places option is placed as a button for tracking location history which again can be opened with using Google maps anytime you wish. The borders of regions are now noticeable by the users because they are highlighted with a glowing fluorescent color. All the new tabs that have been included along with the previous version can be accessed offline as well. There is location history dashboard which is automatically updated every day. This is to notify that the latest Google maps upgraded facility is only supportable by the android devices. But soon Google promises to open this feature to other platforms as well. The Google Play store is open for android users to download for free this Google Maps application and update those who have previous versions.



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