Unisex Color Hues


Gone are the days when blue symbolized men and pink was the color of pretty females. There are no such colors now that suits one and not other. With the Changing fashion trends colors distinction and matches are changing drastically. The classic mixes are taken over by smart yet rare combination such as lilac and black, pink and orange. Earlier, people used to go by classic or subtle combinations because they were accepted in the society or by people around. But color variants are the only way you can look different if the styles are almost the same.

You will find men or boys wearing more of pinks and red without being pointed as flashy or feminine. This actually is not a timely change but acceptance of brighter shades like greens and yellows which were tagged for girls. However, too much of flash is not accepted in daily routine and offices you can opt for subtle or basic colors in variation. The fashion trend 2013 shows up the basic colors mixed with slight dark or brighter shades for an appropriate look. Shirts or casual collared tee shirts can be smartly mixed with trousers in blue, black, grey and browns.

These days the color of trousers and the pants for the lower body have also got the shades. Girls are comfortably pairing shirts and tops with red and green trousers in cotton and corduroy. And since the same is the fashion trend in males, they are still away from the deep reds and green but are definitely riding away from the “only Blue” they had. The collection for men pants, and denims now have shades of gray, black, white and also beige. However men seriously avoid the higher tones in the lower body, somebody like a celebrity can definitely don it on with ease.

The fashion trend may keep changing but youngsters often like to stay with it. Buying from the retail sectors and not the branded stores help you shrink in some money. However, if you really want yourself to wear branded clothes, sky is the limit. Hundreds of international brands offer classic and latest clothes that follow the season fashion trend. Opt for them and get a new line in your wardrobe.

Females definitely get bored with one thing and shop consistently to change the wardrobe with time But because men are likely to shop once, its recommended if they buy newer shades, vibrant colors (but not too flashy) and create a variation in their office or casual dressing to look good. Rule the latest fashion trends; approach it well to look age appropriate.



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