What is the four lettered word most spoken about? One would guess the answer is love, but no!! Its food folks! Food is love, food is life. Besides being one of the basic amenities of life, food is a matter of more than just concern for hunger.

Versatility of cuisines flavors and palates define the world of food. Not just exotic dishes to relish, this hugely wide and fascinating stance include a lot of things to discover and enjoy. Here is a list of fifty most loved foods (any kind) ranked according to their popularity all over the world.




  1. Pizza

Even just the thought of cheese and tomato sauce on flat bread is enough to get you drooling, right? Toppings, cheese burst and more to go ahead. Hail Italy!




  1. Chocolates

Every girl’s fantasy? Wrong! The whole of world’s fantasy it is. White or dark or just normal, it is one thing that will surely elevate your mood.




  1. Ice-Cream

Be it snacks or dessert, this frozen delicacy is popular for being one among the most comforting foods.




  1. French fries

Ranked at the top among all deep fried foods on earth, potatoes could taste no better if cooked any other way for French fries.




  1. Steak

For all those who think steak can only be made from beef, steak is actually any piece of meat cut perpendicular to muscle fibers including a piece of bone usually.




  1. Crispy fried chicken

First, the intrinsic flavor of soft-chicken inside and second the crisp skin outside! Even the mention of it waters your mouth right!




  1. Bacon

Salt cured pork which is further dried and then boiled or cooked forms one of the best pizza toppings and is relished alone as a dish as well.




  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Favorite for all kids, this chocolate wonder seems to be liked by people all over the seven seas.




  1. Cheesecake

Cheese plus cake is happiness plus an end to that vigorous sweet craving. The thickest layer comprising soft cheese and eggs plus sugar is a delight always.


cheese cake


  1. Spaghetti

This 25-30 cm long pasta used to be the only form till the shorter ones came into vogue during the 20th century.




  1. Taco

The versatility of the fillings makes up for the popularity of this amazingly tasty folded tortilla.




  1. Barbeque

One of the best smells in the world and one of the best salad ingredients, anything barbecued ideally is sure to linger in your mouth.




  1. Chocolate brownie

Wasted for choice between a cake and a cookie? Just go for this chocolaty indulgence.


chocolate brownie


  1. Cheeseburger

The smell of the melted cheese slice over the meat patty is sure to lure you taste buds to gulp this burger despite your strict diet regime.




  1. Cheese

Whether melted, grated or solidified, this item forms an innate part of a plethora of dishes. And of course we enjoy having that cheese slice solo as well.




  1. Strawberries

So popular a fruit it is that there is a festival in the valley of Martell dedicated to these lovely berries.




  1. Nachos

This Mexican wonder is ranked top among snacks and 2nd among melted cheese snacks. It started with simple melted cheese on tortilla chips and now includes a variation of toppings.




  1. Mashed Potato

This 16th century invention tops the charts among all thanks-giving side dishes.




  1. Macaroni

Next to spaghetti comes this cuter version of pasta usually cooked with love in dry and thick red or white sauce.




  1. Garlic Bread

Baking dough of bread topped with olive oil and garlic gives it an intrinsic flavor fair enough to be distinguished from normal bread.




  1. Watermelon

This summer fruit is not only popular for the taste and juiciness but also for keeping the body hydrated if consumed ideally.




  1. Lasagne

The flattest and oldest kind of pasta is actually the meaning of this word but lasagne is used variably to refer to sheets of lasagne alternated with several toppings.




  1. Doughnut

The chocolate and confectionery topping on this deep fried dough of flour is popular in all bakeries.




  1. Cinnamon Roll

It is best when served with cream cheese and is commonly used along breakfast dishes.




  1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The easiest comforting snack to prepare and the most loved among cheese snacks, this sandwich forms quite a dish for youngsters.


grilled cheese sandwich


  1. Waffle

The grid pattern of this flat pastry makes it a popular fancy food.




  1. Cake

There is such great variety to the flavors, toppings, fresh cream and fillings to this sweet savory; it is loved by people of all ages.




  1. Pasta

Of course this continental delicacy had to be on the list after spaghetti, macaroni and lasagne!




  1. Lobster

This crustacean is the most famous sea food all over the world. Sea food lovers must be drooling by now!




  1. Hot wings

Chicken yet again for those non-vegetarian foodies!


hot wings


  1. Mozzarella sticks

Another one of those deep fried melted cheese snacks best served as an appetizer before prowling your hunger into the much awaited main course.


mozarella sticks


  1. Sushi

Ranked on top of the world’s most loved Japanese foods, vinegar rice is the soul of this dish. The fillings vary from tropical fruits to meat, fish and so on.




  1. Sundae

What can be lovelier than ice-cream sundaes after a heavy brunch or dinner? The exotic fruit sauces and the salsa of flavors add fancy to food.




  1. Grilled meat

The intrinsic roasted flavor in soft spiced meats makes it melt in the mouth.


Grilled meat


  1. Chocolate Eclair

This oblong chocolate covered cream filled pastry is a favorite in all confectionery shops.


Chocolate Eclair


  1. Pancake

This flat pan or griddle fried cake is served with a variety of toppings like honey, fruit syrups or meat.




  1. Roasted beef

Beef tastes the best when roasted in an oven and is served in the main course in the traditional Sunday dinner.




  1. Salmon

Popular as a rich source of essential fatty acids, meat of this fish is relished everywhere.




  1. Caramel

A variety of sugars are heated at around 170 degrees to make this popular flavoring agent.




  1. Tiramisu

This Italian wonder dessert has gained popularity in all parts of the world.




  1. Apple Pie

The top woven pastry lattice strips make the dish look fantastic, apple being the principal ingredient.


apple pie


  1. Oreo Cheesecake

Cheesecake with an added advantage of crushed oreo biscuits!


oreo Cheesecake


  1. Grape

This wonderful berry fruit is not only relished raw and in toppings for ice-cream sundaes but is also a inevitable ingredient of beers and wines.




  1. Vanilla Ice-Cream

Plain vanilla ice-cream was never expected to be on this list though!


Vanilla Ice-Cream


  1. Burrito

This Mexican spicy wrap with mayonnaise as a principal adhesive has profound popularity in Asia as well.




  1. Chocolate Pudding

They are two classes, one custard version which is boiled and chilled the other one a baked cake version.


Chocolate Pudding


  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

From the class of famous chocolate syrups, comes this chocolate coated peanut butter fantasy manufactured and retailed by Hershey’s.




  1. Fondue

The generalised term refers to any food dipped in a pot of hot liquid whereas it originated in Swiss civilization where bread was dipped in pots of hot melted cheese.




  1. Red velvet Cupcake

The fancy velvet look on the top of these cute muffins renders them lovelier than other cakes.


red velvet cupcake


  1. Bread

Ever since the dawn of agriculture, bread has been one of the oldest baked foods. It’s a versatile world of various flavours, flours, ingredients that alter the taste of bread.