The new Sony PRS T2 reader notebook

sony prs t2

The Sony recently released their brand new PRS T2 reader in the market. It was estimated to be selling at a reasonable price of $130 and be available in 3 different colors. The white, black and red being the tones of this new reader book is an amazing leak last week by an online retailer. The PRS T2 is a touch screen e reader and also an e link. It has now hit the market and the cost has been cut down to $129.99 only which was also the price of previous model by Sony.

The basic features remain similar to the PRS T1 that was launched last year. But Sony reports and admits to have made certain specific changes with the device’s performance and visible features with changes in the button arrangement and patterns. The new PRS T2 weighs 5.9 ounce and is given a matte finish.

Their recent update features a tagline for this device which is “glare free”. This is done for enhancing log term readability so that the reader does not have strain even while travelling. There is a book organizer layout that resides on the home screen making it easier to find and manage e books on your reader. There is not much hassle going on the home screen and a simple automatically updated book library icon is there that directly links to your collection. Social features are also there which enables users to directly connect to Evemote and Facebook which are there on android smart phones.

The extraordinary functions of page turns with real paper like look and automatic timed continuous page turns are prepared to perk up reading scopes. The zoom in and zoom out has been made smoother and inbuilt dictionaries have been added. Translation dictionaries to four different languages and also one in built dictionary for English is there for assistance.

With a doubled battery life this device has exciting free vouchers available with the purchase of it. Exclusively for the black PRS T2 the Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s stone e book is available as a complementary gift. There is no need to install software in order to be a member of the Reader Store. There is a website based interface which gives you the permission to directly access the store by connecting the reader to your computer.

The fast connect buttons to the social networking sites makes people liable to post their favorite portion of books directly on to their social media walls.

This is not just a wiFi reader; it has 2 GB memory space which is expandable up to 32 GB. The memory card can be inserted in the microSD slot which is externally removable as well. It comes with a cover worth $50 dollars for free which has an incorporated light.

For the first week the release of Sony PRS T2 had moved the e reader club of the U.S. but it had not much effect on the international scenario. Although when compared to Amazon and apple products it might not be any exciting but for sure is a wonderful reader book at an affordable price.



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