The new exciting sony xperia for the youth

sony experia

Among Sony’s all other smart phones, the new xperia has been the hottest one both in style and looks. The set is very handy and it comprises of many applications. There are certain bars which are 3 in number and they move around the transparent part of the mobile. In order to make it look more sophisticated, they brought out android schemes at the menu, back and home buttons which has been attracting customers lately.

The other models of these mobiles have seen these sibling buttons not acting the way they should have been but they have been really functional all throughout. Once the icons get tapped, the person gets the alert on their mobile phones and they get to know that they have hit the target successfully. There has been a huge improvement of the layout of buttons in this phone. It has always been difficult for people to track the tiny dots which are present above the symbols especially in the dark.

The new technology has marked a great improvement in this phone. In the front of the phone there is a huge LCD screen which has a very high resolution for the benefit of customers. Just above the display of the phone lies a VGA camera which enables video calling. The quality of the camera is very high. There is a light present out there which changes its colors according to the type of alerts.

There are card supportive slots available on the left side which supports Sim cards, Micro ISD and other cards as well. The slots are supported and protected by a small flap. The top of the phone is featured by a 3.5mm jack that helps people to utilize the headsets. There is also a power button present above which helps to switch on and off the cell phone. The thin volume rocker is also present at the side of it along with the dedicated button which is a shortcut to the camera option. This helps the camera to open up the application even when it is sleep mode.

The phone has been an outstanding one all throughout with an 8MP camera at the back. The type of flash provided is the mobile is LED. The WhiteMagic technology is utilized by sony xperia in order to provide their customers with a better experience of the use of this phone even in strong sunlight. The display screen in this phone is definitely a lot brighter than any other phone in this world. This phone provides no trouble to people when they try to view its screen in strong sunlight. Unlike many other phones this phone is not troublesome in sunlight when viewed from side to side.

Being a part of the Android family, this phone is capable of doing all the basic functions that is done by a basic android phone. It also supports many Google services and this phone can be widely use for official purposes as well. The battery backup is superb and the total talk time hours provided is huge.




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