The most common facts you wondered about

There is truth to the quote “curiosity is the mother of all invention”. But sometimes we are curious about things that have already been invented and are in use. We need to satisfy our curiosity but these things might be very small so we shy away from asking. These small things can be anything and everyone is curious about one thing or the other. We will discuss some of the common things people wonder about.

1.       Ashtray in flights:

Everyone knows that smoking in flight is banned. The smoke may be unpleasant for fellow passengers and more importantly it creates a risk of fire hazard. Despite the ban, you can see that old and new planes do have ashtrays in their rest rooms. This is because the flight regulation officials knew that despite the ban and the smoke detectors people would smoke in flights so the ashtrays have been provided to allow the people to safely dispose the cigarette butt.

Ashtray in flights


2.       Blank pages in books:

You might have noticed that a lot of books contain blank pages in them. There may be more than one page left blank and sometimes with a note that “this page has been intentionally left blank” so that readers don’t think that some pages have not been printed. Although it’s a bad thing for our environment the printing process in use is at fault for these problems.

As the content are printed on very large papers with 8, 16 or 32 pages printed simultaneously we are left with blank pages, as most of the works do not constitute of pages divisible by eight.

Blank pages in books


3.       Jet of air at entry of shops:

Many of you might have experienced this while entering a mall, store, restaurants or loading bays. This is not for cooling you down rather its used to keep the hot air from going out during the winter and the hot air from coming in during summer. This blast of air also helps in keeping trash flying outside and insects at bay.

Jet of air at entry of shops


4.       Taste of Orange juice after brushing:

Ever wondered why most of the things we eat or drink immediately after brushing our teeth taste unpleasant. Most of you might have experienced this, but only a few know why this happens. You might have already guessed it; yes it’s due to the toothpaste. The chemical which helps with the foam is to be blamed, sodium lauryl sulfate messes with the taste buds responsible for the sweet taste and it also destroys the phospholipids which dampens the bitter taste of things we eat.

Taste of Orange juice after brushing is not pleasant


5.       Remembering good dreams:

This is one thing everyone wants to remember, but end up forgetting as soon as they wake up. Scientists have provided many reasons for this and one of them is the conditions in brain while we are dreaming does not support making long term memories.

Other reasons include the lack of the hormone norepinephrine and irregular behavior of the neurons.

Remembering good dreams


6.       Best thoughts come in shower:

As taking a shower does not require much use of our brain and does not require full attention to be paid at all times, our mind is free enough to think about other things in our mind and we come up with better ideas.

Best thoughts come in shower


7.       “&” and “and” in movie credits:

You might not have given much thought to this but these two are different things. While the “& or ampersand” means that the effort in creating it was made by both and “and” means that one of them improved upon the already developed work of the other.

“&” and “and” in movie credits


8.       Wrinkles in fingers:

After a long shower we see that our fingers have wrinkles all over it which fade away after some time. These wrinkles are formed to help us have a better hold over things underwater. This shows us that the human body is amazing and there are things which we still don’t understand.

Wrinkles in fingers


9.       Men and nipples:

All men wonder why they have nipple when have no use of it. The reason behind it is that each one of us starts as a female in our mother’s womb. Each embryo starts as a female and only after a few weeks the testosterone secretions helps with the change in the cell activity of the genitals and the brain.

Men and nipples


10.   Farts:

Every time we feel like farting but are unable to because of a social gathering we think if it’s okay to hold in farts. It’s best to let it out but if you really can’t then you can hold it in and the urge to let it go passes after sometime. Although sometime it’s okay to hold it but it’s advised to not hold it in regularly.


Holding in Fart


There are many more things that can be included here; we have included the 10 common ones. We would like to hear about more from you. Do send us your opinion about these and new ones which we will try to include in the future.