Some bizarre yet true facts for you

Yeah right, you’re someone who is a know-all, who has seen everything and nothing really surprised you anymore. If you are a certain someone, who has been there and done that, brace yourselves, as we present you an array of jaw dropping facts facts for you, which will leave you brain-dead by the time you are done reading everything. Disclaimer: User discretion is required, as we do not take any responsibility for broken jaws and popping eyes while reading this stupendous facts.



    • Being a young fold mountain, the tallest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest grows 4mm in height every year. Towering at an impressive 8,846 inches a year. The maximum possible height that any mountain can have is 10,000 inches, based on the surface tension.






    • Canada is more than what people say. Apart from the affection of Ice hockey and the compulsive habit of saying “SORRY” too often, The beautiful country of Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. No Kidding!





Ding Dong

    • There is a town in Texas, which is called Ding Dong (If you know what I mean). Well uhm, it may have many different meanings, after all there’s a popular song “Ding Dong, Mona sing a Song”. Well I don’t even have a stereotypical joke to say what must be happening in that town!





    • Do you know about a country named Libya. If you don’t then it is a desert. Yeah right! Now you know 90% of the country, as 90% of the country is covered in Desert.





    • Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu Nope, I am not baby-chattering, this Kiwi hill is in Taumara, New Zealand, and this is the longest name of any natural location on earth. Please do not bother pronouncing it, I bet even the native New Zealanders cant pronounce it.. Just a favor, don’t go around giving longer names to break the niché.






    • Sweden is known as the cleanest, and the greenest country of the world. Not only for its cleanliness, but because it uses Garbage and disposed waste to meet its fuel and energy demand, it runs out of garbage to recycle and Imports from Norway, making it the most sustainable ecosystem. And we wonder why wont they sign the same fact with us, we will literally dump them out!





Human baby

    • Humans are the most intelligent animal in existence for a reason. At 2%, we have the largest Brain to body ratio.





  • Venus is a very intriguing planet, not because it is named after the goddess of love, but because it has a very strange day and year relation. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to rotate, and 225 years to revolve around the sun. Because a year means the time a planet takes to revolve round the sun, and days being the time of rotation, it means you will be 107 years old in 100 days on Venus.



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