Seven reasons why you must love fruits

Eating fruits has always been considered a healthy habit. The benefits which they provide not only keep them in the list of healthy food items but also are considered in the diet chart of body builders. Fruits are rich in various vitamins and essential nutrients that are required by human body to keep it disease free. As they say “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. Not only apple but almost every kind of fruit has the ability to protect us from health complications like heart stroke, cholesterol, gastritis, constipation, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Here are seven reasons why fruits must be added in everyone’s diet chart:

  1. Rich in fiber


Fiber is an important component that makes the stomach work properly and fruits are a rich source of fiber. Fiber gets converted to jelly kind of substance in stomach which helps food to stay longer. So the person feels full for a longer time and avoids eating unhealthy food items.  Dietary fiber helps in digestion process avoiding complications like gastritis and constipation.

  1. Contains lots of water


Fruits contain lots of water. Just like human body consists 80% water, some of the fruits like watermelon contains over 80% water. These types of fruit are generally available in plenty during summers as the water content of fruits prevents body from dehydrating.

  1. Naturally low in fats and calories


Due to high water content fruits contain less carbohydrate. Hence it makes them weak in fats and calories which helps to maintain a good physique and reduces the risk of heart disease.

  1. Provides instant energy


As fruits are low in fats and calories, they are easily digestible. Hence consuming fruits whenever hungry provides you instant energy and makes you feel energetic.  This is the main reason why athletes have fruits before and after exercise.  We do have vitamin and nutrient supplements now-a-days available in the form of tablets but nothing can replace the benefits of vitamins gained in their natural form from fruits.

  1. Stimulates memory

brain food

As fruits keep a person healthy and disease free, it brings a positive effect on brain. Healthy body makes our mind healthy and increases our memory power. Eating fruit is an excellent way to fuel up our mind.

  1. Helps grow hair


Today almost every beauty spa and salon offers fruit treatment for healthy and shiny hair. Fruits are an excellent hair stimulant, especially citrus fruits. Vitamin C present in those fruits help in preventing hair loss and maintains the shine of the hair. Different fruits such as banana and melons can be mixed up to make a hair paste at home itself.

  1. Brings shine to skin04_Apples

Fruit can help in treating many skin disorders.  One of the major disorders that can affect a person of any age is “Acne”.  Consuming a good quantity of fruits such as apple, banana, berries etc. can help one get rid of this irritating skin disorder and save money that is required for expensive dermatological creams. Fruits give relief from constipation, which in turn cleanses the skin, purifies the blood and even repairs minor skin damage that may not be noticeable.