Rubik’s Cube : the perfect 90s nostalgia

Missing the 90s nostalgia, wanna go back to the world where a whiz-kid and smarty were trendy lingos, here’s just the perfect way to get back to it. Known as magic cube, Rubik’s cube, Rubric’s cube in the common culture, these wonderful creative colorful movable cubes, which are vibrant, intuitive, and they are more than a showpiece. Rather they are a masterful creation, which brings out the logical best in you. Though the touchscreen generation hasn’t had the best of these masterpiece, but the young adults from the platinum 90s are forever lost in the childhood nostalgia with the Rubric Cube paradox.

Rubiks Cube

Geeks today are mere tech junkies who are crazy after the expensive boy-toys, but it was an accomplishment solving a cube. If you can save the cube, you are the perfect wonder boy. Well contrary to the popular belief, it is rather a simple trick to solve the rubric’s cube. Well you don’t have to be crafty and clever to solve the cube, just smart!
Even the Hungarian Sculptor mastermind behind this marvel had no idea how popular his ace-toy will be, for it went viral straightaway, with its colorful layout, flamboyant appearance, and an intriguing challenge, which was difficult and equally tempting. If you are a 90s kid and you feel that urge to re-live the moment by knowing more about your childhood fascination, here are a few fun facts about Rubik’s cube:

Just 41 years old, it was invented by Hungarian SculptorErnő Rubik. The Rubik’s Cube is not a single giant piece of diced out cube, rather it is made up of many minuscule pieces, which are known as Cubies. A cute name indeed for something with can be a giant pain in the (ahem!). Even the color stickers have a particular term, known as facelets.
It contains 26 cubies which slide along a central axis. The standard Rubik’s cube consist of 6 cubies with a single facelet, 8 corner pieces with 3 facelets, and the edge having 12 cubies with 2 facelets.

The color scheme is also not an arbitrary sequence. In fact, a standard Rubik’s cube has the color illustration BOY, owing to the clockwise order arrangement of Blue, Yellow and Orange. For differently styled cube, White is against yellow, Blue against green and Orange against red.

Rubik’s cube colors

With9 colored cube faces arranged in a 3×3 matrix formation at each side of the cube,the figures make it seem to be a piece of cake, I mean how colossal could a 27×27 arrangement be? Well if you think there must be like about a hundred or rather thousand possibility to arrange this pattern, well I can’t wait to tell you that there are like about 43 quintillion possible arrangement, out of which, only ONE is right. To have an idea how much 43 quintillion is, it is 43,000,000,000,000,000,000; a sum which if you started counting from 1, you will not be complete in your lifetime, believe me!

Well, these bad boys are surely traumatic, but there’s more to it. Well, what if we told you, that it is just a matter of formulae, and you can do it as well.The mere fact that Over 350 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold worldwide – making it the bestselling toy of all time. In 80s and 90s it was an absolute rage.
The world record of the fastest cube solution was in a stunning 5.5 seconds. From the smallest size of 10 mm to a giant 3 m tall, the cube is sure appealing, to all ages and sizes.

If you are looking to re-live your fantasy, go on, Grab a Cube!

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