Playing with the birds and their enemies with Angry birds Rio

angry birds rio

Helsinki, Finland-based Rovio Cellular, the creators of the game playing app pattern, known as Furious Wildlife, have declared their latest update for the business, known as Myown and Eat. The statement of this show has the wicked hogs taking more egg and going subterranean, in desires of making off with their resources. You’ll find birds a little more than pissed off and are absolutely, hell-bent on bashing the wicked natural hogs and taking back their dearest egg.

One would think that it would be just an issue of a couple several weeks before it releases, due to the meteoric reputation of the overall game, but that’s the miracle and attract of Apple Company. They defeat to their own drum and do (or don’t do) whatever they feel is necessary to carry income to their company and enhance their company.

The crazy chance about Rovio’s statement is that they started their preliminary discussion for Furious Birds: My own and Eat, the same day that Bob Tasks provided a keynote conversation at the WWDC 2011 convention, presenting the Apple company ICloud foundation. The own and Eat part will be an extension of the Furious Wildlife business and not a Furious Birds: Conditions inclusion, as some have revealed.

What’s new?

Upon starting it becomes obvious that this is an absolutely new game in the sequence. The primary auto mechanic continues to be the same but everything else has modified. Such are the new choices, stages and oppositions among other things. Furious Wildlife now also has a tale, but (luckily!) it doesn’t go very deeply. Generally the birds were satisfied and existing life when one day they were taken and transferred to Rio in South Brazil. You must help them evade by finishing layer difficulties. The first stages are all about assisting other birds evade by their crates. Once achieved (30 levels) the overall game lets you know that you handled to run away and are now traveling in the woodlands of South Brazil, where you’ll fall upon wicked apes (yay!).


As I said before the primary game play auto mechanic continues to be the same. Playing with the birds and the enemies with Angry birds Rio mostly, the same birds are at your convenience and are presented to the gamer once more. I like to give them nicknames, like the red one I contact “Mr. Average” because they can’t do much. And I think the yellow-colored birds are French because they’re enthusiastic and quick. Anyway the new stages are fun but also rather easy. I’m an abuser angry chicken gamer and marvelous through the stages in 2 time covers.

Angry Wildlife Rio currently provides 60 stages in over 2 “scenes”, with 4 more scenarios guaranteed over the year. They are currently not available though, which irritates me a lot. Generally the designers said: really we aren’t done yet but you can buy it now increase later. I wish this try out examining mind-set doesn’t become the pattern in mobile game playing. Customers now have to delay until May to accessibility the 3rd world, that’s too many months from now! And one more level actually won’t be start until Nov.


Angry Birds Rio- the funniest and interesting pc gaming experience: The new storyboard design is fun and contributes some level to the overall game. Now it actually is a good idea to be in woodlands and reaching unique apes.

Also enhanced are the graphics. The skills seem more powerful and crisper looking. Combined with the amazing new animated graphics, Furious Wildlife Rio is a real looker in mobile game playing.

Angry Wildlife Rio is a great game. This isn’t a big change but it doesn’t need to be. Rovio has provided exactly what Furious Bird gamers were looking for: more articles. It’s just a pity that they’re providing 1/3 of the overall game now and relax over an interval of 8 (!) many months, some perseverance is still suggested.

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