Paper Toss – play by throwing a paper into the basket

paper toss

There are many times in the office work place that we have nothing to do and we are bored. The reason why we are bored may be that we do not have any work to do, we have finished our work before time or we are stressed out to such an extent that we cannot do any sort of work. The top most activity that we do in such a time is to crumple a piece of paper, aim at the waste basket and then to throw the piece of paper aiming at that waste basket. This has traditionally come to be known as paper toss.

Paper toss – a favorite pastime

Paper toss has now emerged and has acquired the status of a favorite office pastime. People now compete with one another over the waste basket and then play to spend some spare time. They have even developed it in to a team sport. The waste basket has now been granted a status that it has never acquired before.

Now an online game

This traditional sport has now been converted in to a proper software game, called the “Paper Toss” that can be played on IPad, IPhone or IPod touch but in order to play this distinctive game the operating system that is required within the platform is iOS 3.0 or later. This excellent game has been released by Back Flip studios.

How to play the game

Paper Toss is built so that it is very easy to learn and to play or in other words it has been developed on a very user friendly platform. All that you have to do is to aim the crumpled piece of paper at the waste basket and to click and hold the paper while aiming at the right spot. When you are done with the aiming then all you have to do is to release the click and it goes flying to the waste basket.

A little twist

The creative team of software developers at the Back Flip studios has decided to introduce a little twist in the Paper Toss. They have introduced the variables of wind speed and wind direction. This is shown as a white arrow that displays at the bottom of the screen.

The direction of the arrow shows the player the direction in which the virtual wind is blowing while the speed of the wind is shown above the arrow in a numerical form. This little twist in the game does make the Paper Toss more difficult to play but it is this added level of difficulty that makes the game more interesting to play.

Different settings and Places

The Paper toss does not have a fixed setting and difficulty setting but rather it is introduced in lots of different settings and work environment. There are variable difficulty settings that are introduced in the form of wind direction, wind speed, distance of the waste basket from the player and the clear line of sight to the waste basket.

All in all Paper Toss is a very fun and addictive game to play in the spare time. It can be rightly said that now there is a game that is more fun to do than the real task of paper throwing. The user friendly environment that the game offer makes this games fun to play not only for the people who go to the office but in fact it is fun to play for the people of every age group. Paper Toss is worth every penny that is spent. This game provides the users with hours and hours of entertainment.

Click here to download the game.