Now post your videos online, yours lovingly Instagram

Instagram by facebook

Popular photo sharing app Instagram now allows sharing of videos. This comes close to the heel of the launch of the video sharing app “Vine” by twitter. Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom said that now users will be able to record and share a 15 second video through Instagram. Users can record a video by tapping on the video icon of the app. The app also allows its users to add filters like making the black and white. At an event held at Facebook’s California headquarters he said that it is the same app that we knew and loved but it moves on.

Vine launched in January currently has over 13 million users and it lets people create a 6 second video and share it online. Instagram has over 100 million user which increased by 20 million when the most popular social networking website Facebook bought it nearly a year ago.

To use the video recording feature Instagram users will have to tap on the camera icon which they used to take pictures. On tapping a new camera icon pops out on the right hand side and it sends you to a screen with a red video button which will help you capture moments, places, things you want to share with the world.

record video with instagram

The app will continue recording until your finger leaves the red button or 15 minutes is up, whichever comes earlier. The red button give you instant access to record and stop recording which will allow you to change the subject of you video quickly. On completion of recording the video the user can choose to play it from the beginning or post the video on the app to share it with the world.

Considering the popularity of Vine it is really surprising that Facebook took so much time to introduce video sharing in Instagram. Without any doubt one can say that Twitter will take necessary measure to add features to Vine which will leave behind the effort Facebook made to add features to Instagram. Now it’s just a few days wait to see what new advancement Twitter does to its app.



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