Non usability of iPhone 4s on external U.S. carriers is answered


The unlocked feature of iPhone 4s is not the usual unlocked facility. It is subjected to terms and conditions and is copyrighted to certain rules. Maggie unties the common questions that users of iPhone 4s have been facing with connecting it to the local carrier’s network. One of the citizens questioned to have unlocked her Verizon iphone and use it while travelling to Europe but was unable to access with a local SIM card with T mobile or AT&T.

Maggie answers that the Verizon iphone is only permissible to work on Verizon network inside the United States. Any other network will be barred from registering the SIM card on this phone.

She adds that the hardware components seem to be similar from the Verizon, AT&T as well as other unlocked iPhone 4s that is available in the entire world. This device is very different from the others which are made compatible to serve on other carriers too. The only feature categorizing all the other phones to be opting external carriers is that whether the carrier is CDMA or GSM. For CDMA carriers there are Spirit and Verizon and GSM carriers include T mobile and AT & T in the United States of America.

People are deceived by the untrue unlocked feature of iPhone 4s. The phone is semi locked and they boast about providing three unlocked versions launched by the Apple. This device is unlocked to only those carriers to which the phone is subscribed directly. The vice versa is also applicable that if a phone is from U.S and meant for other networks then it would not work for Verizon even if a local SIM card is inserted.

Although they set this as a drawback for the iPhone 4s but there is a possibility to connect to foreign networks. The device is previously in built programmed to be accessible through few specific foreign CDMA carriers’ networks. Those which are not compatible send an error message in response to the trial.

Another setback for the iPhone 4s that has really set in the news recently is that the Spirit and Verizon networks are entirely different from the T mobile and AT & T on the way they function. Even if the Apple tries to enhance their fault and really unlock the phone to local carries in U.S. this difference in GSM and CDMA networks hider the action.

Those who have tried to forcefully install CDMA on GSM phones they have faced technical difficulties and abnormalities in their phones. The cell phones could no more be useful in sending and receiving messages and also visual voice mails get hanged. This means a constant failure in whoever tried to unlock this device.

Maggie feels really sorry to be announcing this sad news to iPhone 4s users that they would never be able to use local carriers other than which their cell phones are subscribed to no matter what. You must decide whether to unlock your cell for CDMA or GSM network right at the time of purchasing your iPhone 4s.



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