Motorola’s classic offering with Intel inside

motorola razr i

Motorola Razr I take you right to the edge with its quality of performance. The Motorola Razr line comes with Intel inside core processor technology and that sets it apart as per review, from all other similar featured cell phones and is the key point of discussion in this article.

The size stands at 122.5X60.9X8.3mm or 4.8X2.4X0.3 inches. This makes it about the same size, in terms of width and height, as the iphone 5. But Razr is slightly fatter and a bit heavier than the classic phone by Apple. The classy mixture of Kevlar with glass gives Razr that premium feel but it has metal aspects thrown in with a rare eccentric display of six screws which make it a little less appealing. Talking about its specifications, it provides an internal memory of 8 GB which is expandable up to 64 GB. The SIM tray is abominable on the other hand as it simply frustrates a person for the simple task of inserting the micro SIM. It has a flash enables 8 mp camera at the rear end but sadly the front end has only a basic VGA camera. The best info about Motorola Razr I is its edge to edge screen display without wasting any space by annoying bezel. Although there’s a black bar right at the bottom, it’s still an amazing display. Its 4.3 inches across equipped with 540X960 pixel display at about 256ppi. It has the super AMOLED panel. The most impressive part of this phone is its chip present inside. It has Intel inside with a single core brain of 2 GHz inside. It has a powerful and efficient 1 GB RAM and works with Android 4.0 version Icecream Sandwich. Price wise it is pretty decent. In Europe it is marketed at about 400 pounds which is about AU$ 620 or US$ 648.

Fortunately, this Razr I includes the clever Motorola app of Smart Actions. It is important to mention here that the Smart Actions app trains the phone in way of automatically saving battery juice. One can set it in order to shut down the power-sucking functions and apps like Wi-Fi at night, or also when it recognizes that you’re in some particular place. The Smart Action app is simply fantastic for battery life conservation purposes ignoring the blank rumors. The Motorola Razr I smart phone is basically based around the home screens which a user normally fills with shortcuts to certain favorite apps, and also with the widgets. The widgets show the user’s basic information’s without having the need to open the actual app, like for example the weather, or which song is currently being played on the MP3 player or even Spotify. The Razr i smart mobile comes with the totally cool Circles Widget that shows a user the important notifications of arriving new messages, even the weather, and the time and finally even the battery status.



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