Microsoft Touch -A surface computing platform from Microsoft

microsoft touch

This project by Microsoft began in 2001 and was introduced in 2007. Touch by Microsoft represents a change in the way of user interaction with digital content. Using surface display, user can grab data with finger tips and can move information between objects with natural gesture and touch. Touch features a 30-inch tabletop display whose unique abilities allow several users to work independently or simultaneously without using a mouse or a keyboard. A new feature Surface computing is introduced in it, i.e. the ability to recognize and interaction of data within the objects like mobile, flash drives, etc. by just placing on the Touch display. Additional features like Digital interactive painting, jukebox, creating music bits, making maps and many more operations has been included in it.

The Tablet PC model of Microsoft Touch is being launched in two versions “Surface” and “Surface pro” with OS windows RT and Windows 8 OS respectively. Its display size is 10.6 inch and 16:9 wide loaded with Microsoft’s Clear Type HD Display technology and has great battery life. Surface comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary 3mm thin pressure sensitive cover as a fully functioning keyboard and track pad. The products will be launched very soon in the market.



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