Microsoft ready with the preview of windows 8.1

windows 8.1

Microsoft is allowing people to take a peek at its latest software update. Microsoft promises to have addressed to some of the problems that people faced while using its last OS i.e. windows 8. The preview of the windows 8.1 update is only meant for the technology developers and Microsoft’s partners but Microsoft allows people to take peek and download the preview version for free. This version of windows is speculated to be released for public later this year although the company hasn’t mentioned any release date.

Most of the features of this latest update have already been shown off. A 3 day conference in San Francisco will give a chance to the developers working with Microsoft to learn about the various features that the update has to offer and work with it. The conference will give the company a chance to shed some light on the reasons as to why this update was developed and bring some faith in Microsoft developers which was lost to Apple ipad and other gadgets using the Android platform. There are rumors that Microsoft may launch a new small version of its surface tablet.

One of the features of this new update is that it will work better in the small screen devices than Windows 8. Windows 8 which was launched in the month of October 2012 was an answer by Microsoft to the change in market conditions and requirement by customers. The operating system gave touch more importance over the traditional input devices.

Although Microsoft says that it has sold over a 100 million windows 8 licenses till now but the industry experts blame Microsoft’s Windows 8 for the drop in PC sales. With the drop in PC sales increasing people also faced problems using the various features that windows 8 had to offer. The lack of a start button was something that the customers didn’t like and had a difficult time finding the programs. Unlike the previous versions of the Windows OS which provided a quicker and easier access to all the installed programs and settings the tablet styled start page gave access only to favorite programs. Search box, settings and other functions were hidden in a menu that had to be pulled out from the right.

Although Microsoft encourages people to use the tablet styled start page but its office applications are designed for the old desktop mode. People have to first start in the tablet styled start page and then change to desktop mode manually. The new Windows 8.1 update will allow people to directly start in the desktop mode and provides a button similar to the start menu but clicking will take you to the tablet styled start screen. The reintroduction of the start button was to help people using the older version get acquainted with the latest changes in the OS.

Windows 8.1 allows people to open multiple apps (up to 4 different programs) and decide the screen space they take rather than being able to open just two. The update will help improve its outlook of being a company that addresses to customer problems quickly. It expected that windows 8.1 will help increase PC sales, which is expected to fall more than 8%. The previous OS was targeted to work with tablets with a screen size of 10 inch and 12 inch, while this latest update will make it work on smaller screen sizes of 7 inch which are more popular among the people but it did not confirm the rumors that it is developing its own small tablet.

Microsoft said that it will provide a keyboard cover for free with the surface tablet running in the windows RT OS and will also give buyers of the RT version Surface tablets the outlook email and calendar at no extra cost which will join the other office freebies being given with it.

With Intel releasing the new Haswell processor which will increase the battery life 50 fold and decrease the weight of the devices releasing a tablet with the processor will make it popular among the tablet lovers.

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