Microsoft excel- Features and Uses

using excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic program for creating, editing and manipulating spreadsheets. It provides a simple, user-friendly
environment for storing of data in a listed and organized manner, which can be edited, manipulated, formatted and collaborated as per
the choice of the user.

Here are some of its features and uses:
1.      The most basic feature of the program is its numbered rows and columns assigned with letters, which gives it an authentic spreadsheet look.
2.      It can be used to carry out various mathematical operations; it can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and the user can even specify a particular formula to be applied.
3.      Special cell formatting feature: [FORMAT tab]
•       Microsoft Excel comes equipped with 11 different built-in number formats and it also allows the user to design any kind of format they want.
•       The ‘Wrap Text’ feature allows to user to fill a single cell with a lot of information without invading into the adjacent cells.
•       The user can even merge two or more cells and make a single ‘big’ cell for entering data, using the ‘Merge cells’ option.
•       The ‘Shrink to fit’ option, when selected, reduces the size of the long text into tiny lettering to fit it in a single cell.
4.      Page formatting feature: [PAGE LAYOUT tab]
•       The user can either use the ‘Fit to’ option or manually adjust the size to fit the data in a single page, and can choose between Portrait or Landscape orientation of the spreadsheet.
•       Excel allows users to set margins to their pages of spreadsheet and centralize the spreadsheet either vertically or horizontally.
•       Header and Footer can also be specified by the user.
5.      Clicking, holding and dragging on the down-right end of the selected cell copies its content to the cells dragged into.
6.      Using the Shift key and selecting two or consecutive cells consisting of a series of numbers in any format (ascending,
descending, alternating or numbers with a particular difference), and then dragging on the down-right end of the selected cells will
continue the series in the cells dragged into. Alphabet series get repeated periodically.
7.      Excel 2010 provides the feature of inserting Spark-lines, which allows the user to make small charts (line, bar, win/loss graphs, etc) next to the data and format them as per required.
8.      PivotTable reports are provided in Excel, which come in handy when analyzing a large amount of data. Within a matter of few seconds, subtotals of hundreds of figures can be derived and can be reviewed monthly, quarterly, yearly or as per the choice of the user.
9.      Excel allows users to print only a specific part of the spreadsheet through the ‘Set Print Area’ option. This options lets the user
specify the particular portion to be printed.
10.     Microsoft Excel comes equipped with an Excel Web App that allows users to access, edit, collaborate their spreadsheets on their web browsers.