Men Fashion Trends That Can Be Easily Followed

men fashion trends

Fashion trends come up and go but what stay is classic styles and mixes that are taken up well. We last heard that Jodhpuri Pants are the most happening among guys, but looking at how many can carry it well enough, we missed it in parties, social and personal occasions and at the page 3. Let’s look at what are fashion trends every man or a college going can follow with ease.

If casual is your look make it stylish by going above the line and wearing shades which are very unlike- men. Blues may be the ultimate for every introvert male but sometimes you need drop that hat and say it’s me”! Reds, Pinks, yellow, and green are the new male colors this season. Graphic printed tees and other logos that make you masculine are in.

The other fashion trends you can look forward are the beautiful casual check shirts. The plains are stripes have always been in the market but the new is the little design the shirts have. The checks, the small polka dots and fine nude stripes in cotton complete your formal wear. Coming over to the belts, browns and beige are very upcoming this summer. You can really show off your lean body and tie a belt with a nice square or a rectangular buckle. Also, with trousers or denims smart belts look great.

The next fashion trend you can observe is cool and comfortable. The baggy look is seemingly running in the international circuit and only those who can take it on are following with much ease. The Indian male although need crisp styles and a little flow or big clothes if they are high on the abdomen and stomach. But that may also look huge if seen closely. Those huge heavy weight male can wear darker shades to appear better in the public. The next fashion trend is the jackets. Worn over nice plain colored shirts and trousers the sleeveless jackets look wonderful if you have a build up body. But anyone who is not too lean and has a firm built can take up this look with ease. Pair them with shoes in brown , blacks and gray’s or may be suede leather to complete the party look. This definitely looks very formal, yet cool if you are to make an impression but before you hang out this look, make sure it suits you every angle.



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