Maggi Festival teaches you more perfect ways to eat

We all know that we are gonna spend way more than 2 minutes on this article. Be it us grown-ups or the kids, none would deny their love for this (maggi) instant wonder.

The people at social discovery app GoBuzzinga organised this unique maggi Festival at the national capital, and here is their very own innovations that they had to offer.

1.            Maggi in the tropical crispy canapés.

Sauted spices in this cute little canapé with a unique masala maggi topping! Canapés have always been popular as snacks with any king of garnishing on them! So be it our sweetheart masala maggi!


crispy canapés Maggi-1


2.            Maggi with some delicious and spicy butter chicken.

Butter chicken has always been an eternal favorite, but nevertheless, added with Maggi, the combination would be pretty much luring! They call it “Shutter chicken” with all their love.


delicious and spicy butter chicken Maggi-2


3.            Maggi as a filling for these delicately delightful seekh kebabs.

Those Seekh kebabs look so awesome!!  Plus the added amaze of magi in smoked chicken.


delicately delightful seekh kebabs Maggi


4.            Maggi in momos!! Hot kachoris bursting with maggi!! Maggi on cheesy pizzas!! You got to be kidding us!

All about maggi as it was, there were maggi kachoris, maggi momos and chessy maggi pizzas!!


Maggi on cheesy pizzas-4


5.            Maggi sev puris with sweet maggi chutney, gorgeous indulgence!

Just like the famous sev puri chat, there was this sweet maggi sev puri! With the garnish of desi sev and  freshly cut onions slices and tomato cubes, this innovative chat tasted absolutely yummy.


Maggi sev puris with sweet maggi chutney


6.            Maggi sandwiches out of all!! Crispy toasts and spicy fillings!

Maggi as a filling substitute for crispy toasts sounds amazing in itself!! They slightly undercooked the maggi to maintain its consistency in the sandwich.


Maggi burgers


7.            Burger lovers beware! These magi burgers are simply gonna slay you

Ever imagined a burger patty which would not break into fragments but instead unwind into beautifully spicy noodles when you bite into that cheesy burger.


Maggi burgers


8.            On the top of Southern breakfast queen, the Dosa!

Oh my God! They did not spare the dosa either! They used maggi in its southern dosa aloo avatar to substitute the masala for the “maggi masala dosa”.


Maggi masala dosa


9.            In pasta avatars like some fanstastic maggi Lasagne! Worth the relish!

And you can actually see maggi noodles breaking out between those yummy lasagne layers.  And of course the sauces above and within the lasagne sheets!


Fanstastic maggi Lasagne


10.         In an exotic variety of Maggi cooked in Vodka sauce

As amazing as Vodka itself is, so do the dishes taste when cooked with the royal drink. So here it is presenting Maggi in vodka sauce.


Maggi cooked in Vodka sauce


11.         Red wine grilled fish and maggi do the salsa together

Fish grilled in red wine raised a toast to maggi in this stunning dish!


Red wine grilled fish and maggi


12.         Wanna have that little cheesy pocket filled with some spicy maggi?

Cheesy pockets!! What if they surprise you with a wonderful maggi filling.


cheesy pocket filled with some spicy maggi


13.         Where have you ever heard Maggi topped with cream and mangoes.

Cream and juicy mangoes on Maggi sound pure dream!!!


Maggi topped with cream and mangoes


  1. Magical Maggi Garlic Sticks.

Garlic sticks are something you would never have tasted maggi within.


Magical Maggi Garlic Sticks


  1. The Hot and Sour wala Spicy Maggi

As much as we love hot and sour soup, people loved this hot and sour maggi as well.


Hot and Sour wala Spicy Maggi