Low budget gadgets simplifying the need for a working smart phone

micromax a50

In this technologically advancing world, you will need to keep in touch with how information flows and how you handle your data and communication needs. This is better simplified by the use of smart phones that have become the norm of how people are communicating now, from calling one another, to messaging, to data exchange. The only thing that may hinder you from getting a smart phone is the price tag. Well, that should not be the case anymore, with the introduction of low budget gadgets, you can afford a smart phone that works just as well and offers you features that are just as good.


An example of such a phone in the low budget gadgets is the Micromax A50 Ninja android phone. This simple phone is one that even gives the bigger players in the market a run for their money, with the introduction of features that are way up field all this, being offered at an unbelievable price. The Micromax A50 Ninja android, comes with an intelligent software program that understands you and does what you tell it to do, the AISHA program, short for artificial intelligence speech handset assistant is able to recognize your commands, and does whatever you tell it to do, just like the assistant in the current iPhone 4S. Considering that this is a new phone in the market, it is literally having a way to how you communicate.


The Micromax A50 Ninja android runs on a version 2.3 Gingerbread OS that has a 650MHz processor, powering the phone with an incredibly fast response to touch and how it works. It has a network that supports 3G, wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi, this power the phones’ connectivity to the internet and the phone network providers in the region. This low budget gadgets option comes with double the advantage, apart from the price, the Micromax A50 Ninja android is also a dual-sim phone, offering you the chance to connect to two simultaneous networks form the same smart phone device.

The Micromax A50 Ninja android phone comes with a 3.1 inch full touch capacitive screen, which offers very vivid colors to the user. This low budget gadgets option also offers you a 2 MP camera for taking photos for your memories, this camera is situated at the back of the handset and makes out very clear pictures that you can store in its memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB through the micro SD slot at the side of the phone. It also comes with gravity sensor as apart of its specifications.

The Micromax A50 Ninja android phone is one that you should consider going for, once you want a smart phone. This phone is arguably one of the cheapest, smart low budget gadgets in the market, created for the middle income and low earner who wishes to have a great phone to work with that has smart features. So for your android needs, get the Micromax A50 Ninja android smart phone at a throw away price.