Latest fashion trends for summer 2013

Latest fashion trends for summer 2013

The scotching summer heat has finally arrived and its time to refill your wardrobe in accordance with the latest fashion trends. This summer can make you feel cool, trendy, vibrant, and energetic and walk out in style with the new trends coming up in this ever changing fashion realm and make a fashion statement for the whole world to follow.

Girls in a perfect shape can go for sleeveless and strapless tops or a cotton camisole top that goes in with your figure. Kurtis are always the comfortable and elegant wear in any season and on any occasion. Along with kurtis, the perfectly matched chudidars or leggings or even jeans can go well. Dress materials that are light weighted like cotton and chiffon can provide you with the required comfort and softness. As, its summer time, choose light colors like white, grey, pink or light green. Coming to skirts and pants, taller girls with sexy legs can go for mini skirts or the baggy pants. Capri cropped and stretch pants or long flowing skirts can help you to flaunt your style. All you have to keep in mind is the right fabric and the right color that suits your attitude and certainly one that follows the obvious fashion trends.

Accessories definitely add up to your personality. Different types of handbags are available in market and you can try out sachet, tote or hobo anything that goes in with your apparel. Light worked jewelleries like earrings, nose rings, bracelets and anklets will always remain in the latest fashion trends. Sandals should always go with your height. Tall girls should prefer flats and shoes white others can put on a high heeled strappy sandal or high heeled boots according to the clothes that you have put on. Leather belts, sunglasses and scarves can always add a bit shine to your persona.

For boys and handsome guys, a short sleeved t-shirt is always a casual wear. You just have to ensure the fabric is either cotton or linen in summer. A short sleeve button down shirt which fits you perfectly at shoulder joints is also something that you can try out. If you are working men and have to put on long sleeved shirts, always select light colors to put on. Try putting on summer jackets instead of a blazer. Unlined jackets and even ones that are half lined can give you some respite from the heat. Coming to trousers one should always select cotton or linen canvas with a rich texture that gives vintage looks and the necessary comfort. You can even put on a light weighted pair of denim jeans that is extremely comfortable and even has great looks.

With jeans, belts with buckles are the ones that are often looked for. And gentlemen in suits can go for simple belts that match with the color of the same. A pair of sandals or sports shoes or boots is all that you will need but it has to go according to your outfit. And lastly put on a cap or a pair of sunglasses that goes with the latest fashion trends. It certainly helps to add up to your image.



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