Intel’s 4th generation processor now in Indian computers

intel core i7

Intel the largest producer of semiconductor chips announced that PC’s and laptops powered with its latest 4th generation processor will now be available in India. The latest processor from the chip manufacturer whose processors power almost all of the computers in the worlds is based on the Haswell architecture. The Haswell architecture which is the successor of the Ivy bridge processor currently powers the mainstream computers.

The latest processor doesn’t provide and noticeable advantage over the previous ones in term of performance but promises to give higher power efficiency and a better battery life. According to Intel there will be increase in battery life up to 50%. This processor will help Intel take on the tablet market. According to company sources this new processor will enable manufacturers like Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo to produce much lighter and thin devices which can also act as tablets.

The South Asia Managing director of Intel Debjani ghosh said that the new processor is the most power efficient processor that Intel has ever manufactured. She said “This 4th generation processor will offer a significant increase in the battery life ever achieved by any other processor, double the graphics and provide a significant improvement in the CPU performance.

In the coming weeks the Indian market will see premium ultrabooks and a few other systems with the latest Haswell processors. The mainstream Laptops that cost around 30000 will come with the new processor. Intel promises that the processor will provide a better graphics along with better battery life. The higher chips will come with the GT3 graphics configuration which will match up to the graphics of the mobile graphics card. Most of the laptops will come with the HD 5000 and HD 4600 graphics which will provide great improvements over the HD 4000 graphics provided earlier. But the HD 5000 and HD 4600 will not provide graphics like the dedicated graphics cards of Nvidia and AMD provided in the laptop.

For people who like to assemble their own part to create their computer Intel will sell boxed version of the new Haswell processor. The chips named core i7 4770k and core i7 4770 are already available in the Indian market at an price of something around Rs 20,000 and the core i5 4430 has been priced at a much affordable rate of around Rs 12,500.



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