Instagram launches v3.0: Enhanced with Location Tag & Infinite Scroll


Instagram is the name of a social network as well as a free picture sharing program. This was launched in the October, 2010. This service allows the user to capture snapshots, apply a digital filter to edit them and lastly share the pictures with the other Instagram users show are connected with that particular user via the social network. It also offers a variety of social networking applications and services. At present, the Instagram contain total 80 million registered users worldwide. A good feature of this application is it captures the picture in a square shape like Polaroid images on the contrary with the 4:3 aspect ratio normally featured with the mobile cameras.

Present days, Instagram launches a newer version of this application, namely v3.0 for both of the iOS and the android. The 2nd version was mainly focused on the new tools while the latest 3.0 version have set their goal to the faster and new filter enhancement. They also enhanced with a new geolocation capability which allows the users to display their locations by pictures.

When any of the users will start to use this geolocation application for the first time, they will be prompted with an opportunity to select the previously shared and tagged photos with their geolocation to be displayed in the map. Later, any user can set this feature to on or off whenever they upload a new picture. The option to remove the location marker of the map from the pictures is also available in the app.

To say it a single phrase, the users of Instagram application will now have a bigger platform to capture the moments and larger boxes to put the captions. There will be also a quick button to report spams or abuses to any of the uploaded pictures or the comments. Now while watching pictures, if any user reaches the bottom of that page, the application will automatically start to load new i.e. the older pictures. So there is no need to press any button to watch more photos or to go to any other pages. The company claimed that this feature has made the app faster.