A quick sneak peek into Indian Cricketing Star Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Professional life, all a fan can say

Why is he the best Captain?

No doubt Mahi has done wonders for the Indian Cricket, a game that is followed like crazy by us Indians since we understood cricket and we will continue to do so in the future also. Cricket runs in our blood and we can’t live without it. Before Dhoni became captain India was in a state of ups and downs and undoubtedly Australia was the undisputed king but with his calm nature and amazing mind games he changed the Indian Cricket for better. We the fans love him as he has made our heads high in the international cricket arena.

If we consider that stats and trophies define success, then no doubt he is the best because no one has ever won and seen this much success as a captain in such a short span of time. He has won many games and led team India to winning ways even on foreign soil. When you see the overseas stats we have a better record now, which can be a best way to explain why he is the best and why the fans love him more than anybody else.

He has won world cups and bought glory to the country more than one time plus not only this he has won the games in all forms test, one day and even twenty twenty’s short format. He is also known for his match finishing and the team can always rely on him when you need someone to hold the wickets and carve a win out of nothing. He does not plan anything all is done and decided on the pitch itself after taking a look at the immediate circumstances.

What we feel is the best when it comes to dealing with the on pitch situations calmly. There is nothing to panic about when you have a captain like Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the pitch. The captaincy was started with the twenty-twenty format and slowly he grew as the best captain that Indian Cricket has seen in all the formats. He has no doubt enjoyed greater success than the predecessor captains in the wins and trophies that is for sure although Dada and Kapil Sir cannot be compared as they were dealing with completely different circumstances during those times.

MSD had two different individual teams for both the short and long format so in a way he has handled two teams to winning ways. It gets hard to deal with so many people but our captain cool does it in the most stylish manner. There were big names like Laxman and Dravid in his test team and Young Guns like Yuvraj, Raina and Rohit in his short format team no doubt he had great player in both the teams but yes it was hard to cope-up with the differences and he has done an exceptional job.

He has been helped greatly by the good works of Ganguly and Kumble during their times when they worked passionately to create a dream team but one has to say he has kept the legacy and increased it to ultimate levels. MSD kept team India on number one position for 18 months which is no way an easy task. His success rate is commendable on the foreign soil and not only in India which is what makes him the best captain in the Indian national cricket so far.

MSD with daughter ziva

Why is he seen with jealous eyes by many?

People are jealous of him due to many reasons he has achieved such great success in short duration of time which hurts many people from within the cricket world and outside also. He holds an amazing fan following in the country which is another reason that is considered prominent for showing hatred to him when it comes to Indian cricket. He manages and does everything so calmly which pinches some and makes them think that how can this be even possible. Success creates jealousy and everyone has their own point of views you cannot always please everyone with your work.

In order to achieve something this great which he has done, you will always have to face some short comings as success always comes the hard way. The people are also jealous because his decisions are very different from others and all the crazy stuff has helped India to win many times. For example if a normal person is asked to chose a number between 1 to 5 he will choose numbers like 1,2,3…etc but when it comes to Dhoni he chooses 3.767687 and still does wonders, so this example proves why he is different and why he is hated by many and why many are also jealous of him.
Positives about him

He is one of the best when it comes to handling the pressure. He has a special ability to maintain calm behavior and defeat all the odds with his own calm style. His calm and composed behavior on the pitch helps players to keep their confidence and cool even in the worst condition. He basically takes no tension in any adverse situations and that is a thing that can be learnt from him and can even be incorporated into our lives to make it more peaceful.

As it is said all can be handled with calmness he is a living example to prove it. He knows all his strengths and weaknesses and also the same about his team which makes him the best one to take all the positive decisions and make the team calm and composed with his cool behavior. He is considered to be one of the best finishers of the game and hence it relives much pressure from the fellow team mates as they know they have him to handle the situation till the end and he has all the capabilities to play in pressure and carve success for the team.
ms dhoni with the indian ODI team

The players coming to bat before him are always pressure free until they have him to bat after them. He keeps a track of the opposition’s strategies and game play and knows all about their weak and strong points thus his decisions on the pitch are according to the oppositions plans which keeps team India in front at least on the strategy basis. He has an amazing sixth sense and can grasp all the short coming and act accordingly to help the team win which is also one of his best qualities. He is known for building the ODI team and test them to their best of the abilities thus he has been there and done it all already.


Quotes about the great man said so far and many more to come

  • “6 runs needed, short boundary, Dhoni on strike, you don’t need an astrologer to predict what will happen! “
  • “Once Dhoni retires, he should write a book on field placement.”
  • “After 2007 World Cup loss against Bangladesh, some Indian fans attacked  the newly built house of MS Dhoni without knowing that he is going to  build an EMPIRE in Indian cricket.”
  • “can’t understand why they are going to the third umpire when Dhoni already started celebrating”
  • “He has played 4 dot balls in a situation where his team needs to score at 9 runs per over. But I don’t expect MS Dhoni to go for a big shot here. He will take this game till the end and if he does that, mark my words, he will make his country win.”
  • “The best compliment for me is when someone says they’ll pay to watch me play, And I can say that I’ll pay to watch MS Dhoni bat. MS is not the next Gilchrist. He’s the first MS Dhoni.”
  • “If tomorrow he has to say goodbye to all the trappings of fame, Dhoni will calmly get on his motorbike and go away. He is that rarity who treats both those impostors – wins and losses – in the same way. He simply plays the game.”
  • Three shades of Dhoni: Walks in to an ODI, plays it as a Test match, finishes it off as a T20.
  • “Believe in your captain Indians. He has that habit of winning trophies when all odds are against him”.
  • “Best Finisher, Best Captain and Best Wicket Keeper in one pic that’s MS Dhoni”

Shortcomings there are few but everyone has them

Dhoni is no doubt the best captain but there are few short coming that are present in his game too and everyone has them, you cannot ask for a 100% from someone every time, everywhere in everything. He has a habit of taking weird decisions that are not planned or pre thought and he takes them then and there on the pitch which makes team India wins mostly but there is another side to it too.

Ms dhoni in the wc

The decisions some time makes the matches unnecessarily complicated and the match goes into the last minutes some times which increases the burden and also decreases the chances of winning sometimes thus he is mostly criticized for this behavior of his but yes this crazy thinking powers has done wonders and has won matches that were not there for the winning. The team has grown under him but there are no significant progressions when it comes to fast bowling pitches of New-Zeeland and Australia. Hence his captaincy has short comings when it comes to fast pitches where the team has failed to perform many times and his decisions have taken the wrong paths.

Team has struggled in the bowling department development under him from time to time although this comment is a bit harsh to throw at someone who has achieved wonders in the sport. There is a stat that says India is the worst team to be beaten up to maximum runs in the last 10 over’s that are also called the death over’s under the Indian Skipper. All said and done we all have short comings but that does not take the greatness away from this man. Dhoni is never shaken by the criticism because it’s in his natural behavior to act cool in all conditions which help him to tackle all when it comes to his profession as well.

With success comes greater criticism because you are in the limelight and you are seen and observed by many, the best way to escape all this is to continue doing the good work and play safe plus unknown when it comes to critical comments. Dhoni keeps his head cool and just concentrates on his task. He is a man whose actions speak for him and there have been many situations where he has shut many mouths by showing what he is capable of and by taking the Indian Cricket to such great heights.



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