Impact of smartphones in today’s time

Communication has changed its form multiple times over the years. From writing telegrams and letters to sending emails in a second, we have seen methods of communication under going phenomenal changes. In today’s times though, since almost a decade, a new era has dawned in the world of technology that has almost replaced computers as well, the smartphones.

Smartphones have become our 4th necessity of life since quite some time now. The applications of smartphones are phenomenal and have no end. Our whole world depends on that 5inch of a display resting in our pockets and in many ways we are highly dependent on it. The real question that arises here is how has smartphone completely thrown out the use of computers in our lives and what are the impacts of it.

Importance of Smartphones.

  • Communication


Remember that old cell phone that people used with an antenna? The phone that probably weighed more than a paper weight? Yeah those days are long behind us now. Cell phones today not only serve us with the basic functionality of calling and texting like the old ones did but also have given us the ability of having possibly every form of communication that could exist. Cell phones today can be used to send text messages, send emails, use social networking sites, use Instant Messengers, use video calling and enables us with a lot of features in communication as well.

We can send voice notes, multimedia messages in a heartbeat. We are witnessing how communication problems have been simplified in so many ways that we couldn’t imagine.


  • Internet connectivity




The whole world has been brought closer with internet connectivity. Internet becoming a social hub for all the countries to come together has been a huge leap in globalization. Internet playing a major role in acting as a medium of communication and a pool of resource for anyone for anything is available of that 5 inch touchscreen phone that we carry in our pockets. The only difference between a computer or a laptop and a cellular device is the view on the screen. With the ability to connect to the internet a smart phone is capable of achieving endless possibilities. All of your work can be carried on in your palm no matter where you go only because of internet connectivity.


  • Camera



For all the photography lovers, camera is very important. It is the foremost important weapon in their hand and they will be completely useless without it. Not just for professional photographers for that matter, but common man as well. Taking photos is a very integral part of our lives. May it be a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, or simply to upload your pic over any social networking site, cameras are important. With the release of smart phones, the hassle of buying a camera alongside a phone is not needed anymore. Any and every smartphone has at least the primary or the back camera if not the front facing camera. These cameras are very powerful as well, some going well up to 41 mega pixels. Smartphone cameras have had a revolutionary breakthrough in competing with professional cameras. Many have completely stopped using them since their smart phone is completely capable of taking the same quality photographs.


  • Music


Music has always been an important of our lives. In any mood, in any time, no one would ever mind listening to music. There were times when people used big radios, jumping on to smaller radios, to pocket radios and finally to mp4s and iPods. Today iPods are also somewhat obsolete. Your smart phone is completely capable of connecting to the radio and helping tune into any radio station from around the globe. With an option of memory card, you can also store massive data of songs on your memory card. In case your smart phone is not memory card enabled you can get applications of not more than 20Mb on your device to listen to songs off of their servers. This has led to people having their tons of playlists stored on the phone whist not using up any space from their phones.


  • Quick Data Transfer

data transfer

There are applications available over these smartphones which would enable you transfer data at speeds higher than a normal laptop or computer. What’s more is that this can be done anywhere at any time without having to go through the hassle of finding a computer or a laptop. All you have to do is connect your phone with another wirelessly over Wi-Fi hotspot and start transferring. It is an easy and a hassle free process and these applications are free of cost.


  • Application store


Every smartphone has an operating system running which hosts its own market. This market is filled with billion applications for any and every service you could and could not expect from a smartphone. There is an application for every form of communication thereby making communication over smart phones easier than expected. There are applications for music, camera, games, news, anti-virus, security purposes, videos and many more.

This application store has made usage of smart phones highly easy for us and can do our important work on the go as well.


  • Gaming


With the phenomenal leaps of smart phones usage in many diversified fields, gaming has not let itself stay far behind. The application market over smart phones is filled with phenomenal games of massive sizes expecting a smart phone to render high end graphics since a smart phone is capable enough to do so. Gaming has become a big thing over smartphones and is slowly replacing gaming consoles as well with its high end quality of games.


  • Health



A few smart phones in today’s time come loaded with applications which would keep a track of our health, provide us with our BMI, let us know how many steps to walk and help keep a check on our health conditions. This is expensively used by people and smart phone companies have come up with smart watches as well for this purpose.

  • News

Electronic news paper


There are applications over smart phones for news channels as well for the user to not have to go through the hassle of getting a newspaper in hand. Looking at the extensive use of cell phones, newspaper and magazine organizations have come to realize that the news they provide has to now change its medium of communication.

With a phenomenal use of smartphones for many purposes, humans have become completely dependent on it. This has led to advantages such as people being able to carry their whole world in their palm and not having to go through the hassle of carrying or finding 4-5 devices at the same time. Though filled with advantages, there are equal amounts of disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Smart phones

  • Addiction


People in today’s time are completely addicted o smart phones. Such phenomenal changes were brought about on phones only to make the life of an average human being easier not to have them stick to it all the time. People are hooked on to their phones and always need some sort of entertainment around them from their phone to keep themselves engaged. A second away from their phone makes them restless and battery running out is a signal for them to put the phone on charging and still, sticking to it all day long. This has caused big issues in simple social activities expected from a society.

  • Introverted Nature



This addiction has led to people becoming more and more introverted by the day and has led to people having difficulties in making a conversation with new people around them. People have forgotten how to interact outside the realm of smartphones and with so many applications popping up on them daily, people’s social life is headed for some major problems.


  • No social life


Everyone would rather sit back at home with their cell phones than go out and interact with people. People are so used to having conversations over the internet that even when they might speak to a lot of people daily, they do not have even one good friend to sit with and talk to. What could have been a great boom to socializing has become the biggest reason why social lives are getting hampered. This has caused depression to a lot of people as well.


  • Bad vocabulary



Most of the 4th graders have an expensive cellphone with them these days. They would know everything about using a phone but cannot perform the simple task of reading from a book properly. Lack of reading has caused kids these days to not be able to have a decent constructed conversation with anyone around them. What’s more is that they have started using slang words even when they write for an examination.


  • Anxiety issues


Usage of smart phones has made people impatient and addicted. This has led to people dealing with anxiety issues. People tend to get impatient on the smallest things, get overly attached to their smart phones and get worried to their very core to see their battery draining out. This has led to serious issues as well.

Smartphones have a potential of being a big boon to the society but due to misuse of people it has proven to be the biggest problem in today’s social world. Smart phones, whether good or bad have had a big impact on our daily lives and cannot be denied to be affecting us on a daily basis. Good or bad, smart phones have affected us deeply and in the truest form have become the 4th necessity of living.