I-phone SMS spoofing probably caused by glitch in IOS


A French hacker, named podg2 identified a type of text based glitch in IOS that will make sms spoofing much easier. It will allow hackers to send fake sms while giving the appearance that sms’es are coming from original sources.

Podg2 in a recent blog said that the glitch is severe and affects all IOS versions, even the recently launched beta version of IOS 6. He requested Apple to fix this as soon as possible before releasing.

A section is there in the text message known as User Data Header that includes lots of new features. One of them enables the user to change the address header of the text. It will make it look like that the text came from one phone while in reality it came from a completely different phone.

When it works properly, the person who receives the message and replies, he will see that his reply went to a completely different phone. According to podg2, this feature can be well implemented by showing both the primary and secondary number in the address field. But in reality when this happens, the user sees that the sms came from a completely different number, he loses track and there is no way to find out the source from which the sms came.

Now that everyone is alerted, podg2 advises all apple IOS users for not to trust any sms that comes to their phone. There is no indication that Apple is alerted by podg2 in the blog although the company gave no response to this post at that time.

Meanwhile in September 12th, Apple is expected to unveil the next generation i-phone enabled with IOS6. There are lots of exciting new features in IOS 6. Beautifully designed GPS enables users to see vector based graphically enhanced maps with excellent guidance. The Siri app now supports more languages than before. Users can get required info in their own understandable language. The integrated Face book app helps users to post status updates and message their friends without any complications. Also, the regular IOS features like phone, mail, video chatting etc. are all available. So for gadget lovers, the fall 2012 brings great news with the launch of IOS6.