How to plan a foreign trip and what to expect

Everyone likes travelling. It’s a something that that everyone should indulge in and see what the world in in which they live. Travelling lets you discover different places around the world, what the places are, their history, their current conditions, the language they speak the food they eat and how they live. World is all about diversity, Different people living in different places offering them different conditions to experience and different things to learn. That is the beauty of travelling, to experience what others are and witnessing what the world is made up of.

Everyone is always more than excited to leave their country and step on to an unknown territory. A trip to another country is a bigger deal than what you could imagine. Hence, planning a foreign trip is important and you should be aware of what you should expect. Planning a foreign trip includes the following crucial points.

How to plan for a foreign trip

  • The place


This is the basic requirement of planning a foreign trip, deciding the place. You need to know what you want to experience from this trip, what you want to witness. If wanting to witness a fancy lifestyle, visiting places like the Himalayas is probably not the best idea. Plan a trip to US or Dubai to experience this. Be mindful of the place since you do not want your trip to be regretted only because of the wrong location.

  • Currency



Every country has its own government and its own currency. Be mindful of the exchange rates and the currency to carry. Find out of the places you can get your currency exchanged in your native country and in the foreign country. This is a crucial thing to do from a practical standpoint.

  • Mode of commutation



Make sure you are thorough with every mode of communication available and choose the best way to commute in accordance with your needs. Also be sure that the ode of commutation you choose is in your financial bracket and does not drain out your pockets completely.

  • Itinerary




Plan out the whole trip well, make sure of what you want to experience from the trip, what you are expecting from the trip and make an itinerary. This is an important thing to do so that once there, you do not feel lost in a foreign land. With the help on the net find out about the places you could visit, and plan out the trip in accordance to number of days and the budget.

  • Place to stay


Decide whether you will be staying in a hotel or if possible at friend’s or family’s place. Make sure you get the address right and try finding the way to the place from the place of arriving to the country. In case you decide to stay in a hotel, make sure to get the best rates possible for the stay.

  • Passport and Visa

passport and first class fly tickets over map background

Make sure your passport has not expired and you have been sanctioned the Visa for the trip. Make sure to get a tourist Visa of days extending your actual stay to give you a buffer period in case of delays.

  • Public Transport


Have a good idea of various public transport options available in the foreign country and decide which mode of commutation would be the best for you. Be sure to carry a a map along with you to not get lost in a foreign country.

  • Carrying important documents


Make sure to carry you documents of passport and visa with you at all times. Do not let anyone else have it and do not let them get misplaced else this can cause a big blunder for you.

These are important points to be mindful of while planning to travel to another country. There are other points to consider as well such as carrying a travel guide, carrying a translating book, a dictionary, a camera and many more depending on an individual’s needs. These are all subjective matters and upon an individual’s discretion. The main requirements though have to be taken care of while planning a foreign trip.

A foreign trip always manages to fill the hearts of excitement in anticipation of what will be coming their way. Walking in an unknown can take people by surprise and not always a good one for that matter. Mostly people are clueless on what to expect as well from any foreign trip. It is observed that many a time people have had a bad experience from a foreign trip as well. To avoid situations of unhappiness like these be clear on what you can be expecting from a place you decide to visit for a trip

Things to expect from a foreign trip

  • Change in language


This one goes without saying, be prepared to get confused and dumbfounded in talking to the locals of any foreign country.  There will be a change of language being used since their native tongue would not be the same as yours. Hence, to avoid any problems make sure to carry a translating guide and a dictionary. You could also try to converse in English since it is the globally accepted language.

  • Change in climate


Be prepared to get accustomed to the different climatic conditions of the foreign country you plan on visiting. The conditions will not be the same and you have to pack accordingly as well. You cannot carry leather jackets and sweaters if you go to Dubai for a summer vacation. Also be sure to carry any other products you need to avoid any hindrances in the travel due to climatic differences.

  • Tough time finding routes

Google Maps app

If you are expecting yourself to go on the right route every time then you are sadly mistaken. You will find yourself lost trying to get somewhere a million times and a map will not help you evading this process of being lost. In a few places you might just find public transports taking undue advantage of you being a tourist and take you to your desired destination in the most complicated and the longest way possible.

  • Different cuisines


People instead of looking at this as an opportunity to try something new end up frowning when it comes to a different cuisine of food, this is one thing you should be prepared for. A new place would have new styles of cooking and you cannot expect to get you type of food in some other country. Be mindful of the cuisine you might face in another country and be ready with any medicines needed in a case of health issue arising from them as well.

  • Change in clothing


Visiting quite a lot of foreign countries will make you realize that every country has its own attire and a dressing code which is an untold fact. You will meet a lot of people wearing something completely different from you. Though this is not the case seen a lot anymore but in some places you can still find a staggering amount of difference.

  • Change in standard of living

standard of living

You will notice a change in the quality of houses, hotels, restaurants, malls, some places would not even have a mall, and overall standard of living. Every country has its own economy and depending on that along with so many other conditions the standard of living varies. A lot of people are not the types who can adjust to such changes and they have a tough time adjusting. It is always better to see to it that the place you will be going to will be matching your expectations and an change in standard of living should be expected and you should be prepared for it.

  • Change in wildlife


You will notice that different countries have different vegetation and climates and hence have different species of animals living there. This can be taken as a great opportunity to explore the various birds in a particular country or go for trekking in these countries to witness the natural beauty of the forest.

  • Change in people

standard of living1

Every country has its own social environment. Being brought up in that every person will have the tendency to act differently and hence you will find people having a nature very different to yours. This can cause you to have a tough time getting along there since it will be all new to you. Be prepared for such a change since this is something you cannot change or mend around with.