How to hide a file inside another file(Steganography)

How to hide a file inside another file(Steganography)

Suppose you want to send a file to your friend. And you don’t want others to access the data in that file. You may simply lock the file .rar with password, but now there are so many .rar crackers. So we can’t take risk. For the security purpose, you can hide the file inside another file. Only you and your friend know that there is another file hidden in that file. Thus, you and your friend can access that file. All others can see only the host file. Although if any of your friend figures out that there is another secret file hidden in that file, he can’t access that file without the decryption password. So your file will be incorporated with high security. This concept is referred as steganography.

There are so many steganography tools available on internet. One of the best steganography tools in my concern is stego magic. By using this, you can hide your message inside an image or audio file or .exe file. This comes with two tools. One by which, you can hide a .txt file in another image/audio/video/.exe file and with another, you can hide a image/audio/video/.exe in another image/audio/video/.exe file.


  1. Download stego magic.
  2. Copy the file that you need to encrypt and host file into the folder containing steganographic tool.
  3. Run stego magic tool.
  4. Provide the name of the host file (provide with extension).
  5. Then, it will ask the name of the file that need to be encrypted. Provide the name with extension(like .jpg etc).
  6. Then it will provide a decryption key without which you can’t access the file that is encrypted.

Now your file is under high security. Only you and your friend, with decryption key can access encrypted file. All others can see host file only.

Here is the download link. For any queries, you can comment here. We can help you out with any type of trouble.



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