Google street view removed/blurred photos

1. This couple was caught with their pants down in a French clothes store. This couple was having an intimate session inside the changing area. This store is Krakatoa sports store in Briancon’s ski resort.

intimacy in a changing room



2. A couple in Australia got bored of the long drive and enjoying an intimate session on the road when the Google street view vehicle caught them in action.
couple in australia



3. Caught on the Google cameras these ladies taking a mud bath.

enjoying the beach or mud



4. This girl gives a welcome to the Google street view vehicle by flashing her assets. Most people will want such a welcome when they are on a long drive.
flashing to the google car



5. A prostitute giving a hand job in the back alley of Manchester. Many pictures of prostitutes standing or working on the road have been taken by the Google vehicle.

google street view catches sex on road prostitue giving a hand job



6. That’s the welcome a man gave to the Google vehicle when it passed by his street in Chicago.
google views chicago moon



7. A woman in Miami caught naked at her doorstep by the Google street view vehicle.

home welcome to google street view



8. A couple in UK were seen kissing beside the road.
intimacy on park



9. A naked man coming out of the back of the car.
naked man coming out of car



10. Prostitutes in work looking for prospective customers.
prostitutes spotted on google street



11. Girls enjoying their bikini outing in a park.



12. This is how the woman welcomed the Google street view to their street.
street welcome to google street view



13. Now that’s how you give a public review. This review will reach a large section of people both online and offline.
thats how you should post a review



14. These girls proved that you didn’t need to go to beach to get a sun tan.
they proved that you dont need a beach for a sun tan



15. Want yourself to get famous online get yourself pictures like this by the Google camera.
welcoming the google street view vehicle