Google Android Nation stores to open in India


In a move which will ensure an increase in the sales of Android products, Google the developer of the most popular mobile operating system announced that it will open Google Nation store all across India starting with the capital New Delhi.

Google will partner with BK Modi’s spice global in setting up the stores in various cities of India. India is the second country to get the Android Nation stores. Indonesia was the first country where Google opened these stores. The first store was opened in Jakarta in 2012. The two stores in Jakarta have been opened in partnership with Indonesian electronics company Erafone.

Like the stores in Indonesia, the Android Nation store will promote and sell all Android products. The stores will sell Android Smartphone and Tablets of multiple manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus and HTC. People can get details about the latest Android apps, get help in downloading updates, check out accessories and get expert help about the problems with their Android devices.

New Delhi’s Citywalk will be the first to get the Android Nation store and Google has been searching for a 1200-1500 Sq ft area for opening the stores. BK Modi said that its relationship with Google will not be limited to India and it will promote Android devices in the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. He also added that Google is helping them bring the Chinese Smartphone brand CoolPad to India. The spice CoolPad cobranded products will be sold through the Android Nation stores. Presently Spice Global has 900 Spice hotspots which sell various Smartphone brands and accessories. After the First Android Nation store is opened Spice plans to convert around 50 of its Hotspots to Android Nation store to enquire the rapid increase in stores of the franchise.

BK Modi’s son Dilip Modi will be the lead Android Nation in India and they plan to focus on 3G phones first and gradually start selling 2G phones. Google feels that people want to have a firsthand experience of Android products before they decide on buying an Android Smartphone or any other accessories. Although Google is starting such stores for the first time but its rival Apple and Microsoft already have their stores where people can try their products before deciding on buying, so this is not a new trend started by Google.



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