Fun things you got to try this summer


Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it’ <3  — Russel Baker

 Hey there! Yes you! Are you ready with your sunny side up for this summer?! If you are not, you definitely need to!! And if you think you are there’s no harm in sizzling it!! Err well not literally off course 😀 . So here are the 5 Things you got to try this summer!! Put on your hat and enjoy the heat!!


#1. Beat the heat with a treat!!

Summer makes us go dry and scorched, doesn’t it?

How about getting some cool tricks to beat the heat with some treating drinks!!

Try going into the kitchen with few summer fruits, ice cream, milk and ice cubes!

Get creative with food; it does the trick of flattering yourself!!

Make a mango smoothie, add a twist to cold coffee with some blueberry ice cream or experiment with coconut and watermelon juice or give a twist to lemonade with some cherries!!

Try making ice creams at home!! They come in packs and are easy to make!!

Surprise a treat for yourself or friends and family!
ice creams at home


#2. Don’t be afraid to go out, why are sunblocks for?!

Go out on evenings and check the summer fashion.

You need not follow any style, make your own summer statement!!

Be it a pair of loose trousers and sleeveless kurtas for women or a cool Hawaiian t-shirt with three fourths for men!

Put on your summer punch with a new look!!

Try fringes, highlights or runaway hairs!!

Get summerly ready!!


the summer fashion


#3. Plan a getaway 😉

Summers are made to take a break.

Go out with friends to the sunderbans and check out Royal Bengal Tigers.

Plan an evergreen hit to have a family vacations in the Himachal or Gangtok!!

Set off for camping!!

Go fishing with Dad!!

Take time for your family and friends to re bond with them.

A getaway trip is the best you can have with your loved ones!
A getaway trip

#4. Time for something new :’)

Take up a new hobby or area of interest. Adventurers may take up swimming/diving or river rafting.

The Artfuls may take up sketching or learn making simple quilled cards for the nearest occasion!

Knowledge seekers take up a summer course or learn a new language online.

Go join an NGO and teach some curious needy kids or take up a part time job!!

Make people smile by trying standup comedy-ing or karaeoking. It’s going to be worth it!!

#5.Get lazy and snore -_-

Apart from all happening stuff, take some time just to sink in your own sublime haven.

Summers make my groan to wake up from my bed. This summer pamper yourself. Get lazy! Relax!!

Set up a hammock in your back yard.

Open up folding chairs by the beach.

Go to a spa and fall asleep during a massage.

Dangle your feet off the dock.

Lie on the grass and stargaze!
folding chairs by the beach

Lastly don’t forget to sport your sunglasses 😉 !!

Happy Summers To All!



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