Foods at 1 USD all around the globe

Here’s what one USD can buy you in food all around the globe

Let us have a look at how generous different countries are when it comes to buying food at $1 only!

  1. A full-fledged bottle of wine at Hungary

hungarian wines

Hail Hungary! One fine bottle of savoured wine is what they can give you with all their love poured in it at 1 USD.

  1. One kind slice of plain bread at Hong Kong


What a mercy Hong Kong! Thank god currency varies amongst nations!

  1. 10 delicious pancakes at any supermarket in Netherlands

pan cakes

And makes up for more than just the breakfast meal! Well, brunch might sound more applicable.

  1. One full packet of instant hot and sour ramen noodles at Norway.


Back at Norway you won’t exactly stay hungry if all you got in your wallet is 1 dollar. J

  1. Six generous cups of chai at India

chai in india

Because, they believe in “Atithi devo bhavah” i.e., guests are incarnations of the Almighty.

  1. 10 medium-sized vegetable dumplings from any roadside food stall at Shanghai


Now that dumplings form one of their mainstream foods, you will never have a complaint about the taste!

  1. A McDonald’s variously flavoured slushie at Australia


 That is indeed enough to freeze your buds and satisfy your carbohydrate crunch!

  1. One can of preserved tuna fish at the country of Pharaohs, none other than Egypt

tuna meat

A can of shredded tuna! Well that is all the country can give. It of course pays to be royal!

  1. An espresso coffee or cappuccino at Italy


A cup of hot beverage is all they can give you for a dollar.

  1. A packet of chips and a can of fizzy drink at Nigeria

coconut chips

Well, that is fine for some midday snacks!

  1. One and a half bottles of beer at Czech Republic


Beer lovers! It’s indeed jackpot for you!

  1. A dozen of eggs at Malaysia


That is definitely going to take you through a good 2-3 days if you go penniless.

  1. Two standard McDonald’s cheeseburgers at South Africa

mc d

Happy meal!

  1. Two cans of Cheez Whiz at Philippines


This cheese spread cans can last you months at just 1 dollar.

  1. One baguette bread at France


The French don’t seem that generous when it comes down to food.

  1. Three of those empanadas at Colombia


Three of those sweet stuffed baked pastries are what Colombians can get you.

  1. An ethnic bowl of Vietnamese pho at Vietnam

vietanamise pho

This beef based soup usually served with rice or noodles is one of Vietnam’s originals.

  1. 11 bananas at Honduras


The remarkable Minion imprint on the logo for their classic expression.

  1. 67 pieces of kids’ bubble gum at Indonesia


big babool

That will be enough gum for the kids.

  1. A large cup of coffee at Croatia

large cup

A dollar for a cup of Coffee.

  1. One shot at a bar in Poland


If you intend not to invest much on liquor!

  1. The classic middle eastern falafel or shawarma pita at Cairo


You can enjoy this Middle Eastern delicacy at just 1 dollar while at Cairo.

  1. Six beautiful apples at Holland


Indeed healthy!

  1. A whole pack of hot dogs at Finland

hot dog

Much generous!

  1. One litre of bagged milk at Uruguay



Healthier than Holland and Honduras!

  1. Lastly, a huge can of Arizona iced tea at the United States itself

arizona ice tea

Not bad, USA!