Floral Sleep Fixes: Helps you get better sleep

Blackout curtains still not doing the trick? Sleep issues have by far been one of the major problems of our working class and technocrat population. Insomnia not only decreases work efficiency, but also is a significant risk factor for a population of vestibular disorders and other health issues. Several face masks, mattresses and customized pillows have been developed to curb this problem, but all in vain.


Sedative drugs, though are known to induce sleep within few minutes of ingestion, can cause certain unavoidable side effects and hence, consumption of sleep inducing medicines like alprazolam and diazepam should be discouraged. Some studies have been uncovered that show how certain plants and herbs can deepen and prolong sleep duration by preventing tossing and turning. Here is a list of sleep fixes for an uninterrupted sleep session.

For Light Sleepers-Jasmine

Famous for the aroma, Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) is a vine like plant with tiny white flowers. Another plant of the variety Jasminum sambae called the Grand Duke of Tuscany grows fragrant, rose-like blossoms. Oil of jasmine is used for hair root strengthening and its essence is used in various air fresheners as well as perfumes or deodorant sprays. It has been shown by studies on insomniac persons that placing one of these varieties on your nightstand could help experience a deeper rapid Eye Movement cycle (REM) sleep cycle.



For Tensed Sleepers- Lavender

The enticing aroma of this purple beauty decreases the frequency of heart rate and lowers pressure of the blood against the vessels and both of them induce drowsiness. Famous for its essential oil working wonders in migraine headaches, joint pains, toothaches and nerve pains, this potent perfumery has been proved effective in inducing sleep as well. It has been employed as aromatherapy and has been proved to be effective in the cure of insomnia, pain and dementia induced agitation. According to one study, scientists tested the efficacy of lavender oil by spraying it on the bed sheets of 12 female insomniacs and found that women with the scented sheets had a wholesome and better sleep to wake up afresh.



For Uneasy Sleepers-Gardenia

It is a genus of fragrant white-flowering evergreen heat-loving shrubs in the coffee family. Its fruits have been popular in Chinese medicine for the clearing, calming and cooling properties. The sweet aroma of the buds of this herb calms fitful sleepers. A chemical compound called Crocetin has been found to be responsible for the soothing effects of Gardenia. A study in 2010 consisting of 21 healthy adult males confirmed the contribution of crocetin in improving the quality of sleep. Ayurvedic therapists prescribe it for anger and impatience management.