Facts about Shopping Malls: Evil or Clever

Human curiosity is what has been helping us make progress in all fields. Without curiosity we won’t be making much progress. To satisfy our curiosity we need to find out the reasons or solve the mystery behind it. The are many things in the world that intrigue our curiosity but it’s not in our capacity to know it all like what would have happened if the Apple hadn’t fallen on Newton’s head. But there are thing which we can uncover. Here we are going to uncover some facts related to shopping malls. All of us have visited to shopping malls and are often intrigued by some of the features of the place, let’s find out why they are so.

1.    Escalators:

If you notice in all of the big malls the escalators are in the middle of the building whereas they could have been placed at the corners to save space. When we visit a shopping complex we start with our favorite shops or start with whichever comes first and if we get something we like we stop our buying spree there. So, in order to make us keep shopping the escalators are placed in the middle, so that a person on the escalator will pass through a lot many stores on the way and may like more than 1 item in any of the stores and thereby increasing our purchases.

Escalators in the middle of the mall

2.    Places to sit:

After a long period of shopping if you are feeling exhausted or if you don’t want to follow your wife around from one shop to another then you would be looking for a place to sit but if you have noticed then shopping malls don’t have much places for the people to sit. Do you know why? Because if you are sitting then you are not shopping and if you are not shopping then it’s not good for the owners of the shops there. So they don’t prefer to have a lot of place for people to sit.

No place to sit in shopping malls

3.    Bends and turns:

Although malls could have been built like cuboids, they are generally created in some abnormal shape or an arc. This is done to include lots of bends and turns in the building. When we are walking on the road even if we have to walk very little distance we think it’s a long way to go. To ensure that a shopper doesn’t feel like they have to walk a long distance inside the shopping mall they owners have included lots of turns in them so that you won’t feel like you have to cover a lot of distance.

Shopping malls have lots of bends and turns

4.     Floor Plans:

The floor plans in all popular shopping complexes are disoriented and there is a reason behind that and its not to make extra space for shops or due to shortage of space. The disorientation is to stop you from making a quick exit. The disorientation keeps you from finding the exit and going out, it makes you to search for the exit and for that you will have to pass through many shops and you may like something displayed in the window and make a contribution to the sales of the mall.

5.    Windows in malls:

Many of you might not have noticed this but the next time you go to a mall then do check this, “Malls do not have windows”. Although they have glass fitted on the outside but it stops you from getting a look of what is happening outside. Some malls do have windows but not a lot many of them. The air conditioning may be the reason behind having no windows but they could have glass windows. This is done to avoid letting people know about the change in time which eventually leads to people spending more time inside the mall.

6.    Popular shops / cafeteria on the top floor:

You must have noticed this that either the cafeteria or the popular shops or in some cases the multiplexes are on the top floor of the shopping malls. This is done to create enough foot traffic for the other shops in the lower floors of the building. This way you may buy something from the other stores too.
Now that you know so many things about the shopping malls don’t think that the owners are evil, they just want to have extra sales. If you have control over yourself then you can avoid these traps. Hope you enjoyed reading about shopping malls. Don’t forget to let us know how you felt and drop in your suggestions.