Exchange cool gifts as a part of Christmas tradition

The birth of Christ is celebrated through the festival of Christianity. The message of love, brotherhood and tolerance taught by Jesus Christ is remembered and spread on the day of Christmas. This is mainly a celebration of mankind and humanity. Though Christmas is primarily the greatest festival of the Christian calendar, at present it has a special significance in everyone’s life. Today it has gained the status of a universal festival and is celebrated throughout the world.

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The initial mention of 25th December as the birthday of Jesus Christ was made in 336AD in an old Roman calendar. Since then this day is celebrated as the birth date of Christ. This festival has a special significance in India as this country is known worldwide for its unity in diversity. Today, the celebration of Christianity shows that people from other religions too, take part in this celebration with equal enthusiasm.

Gift giving culture of Christmas

The celebration of Christmas brings along with it various customs and traditions. It also has some symbols associated like the Christmas tree, Christmas carol, the Santa Clause, holy mistletoe, candy canes, Christmas cards, gifts and a lot more. The idea of Christmas gift originated from the fact that the same were exchanged during the Roman celebration of Saturnalia. Moreover, the Bible also speaks of the incident of the three Magi presenting gifts to Jesus Christ.

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The celebrations of Christmas have become so popular during the last century that at present it has been considered as a commercial phenomenon. It is on this occasion that shops are decked up to carry on brisk business. Majority of shops which are both online and local, offer amazing discounts on Christmas. Markets are all packed up with massive crowds. People often buy new clothes, cool Christmas gifts for teens, prepare several things to cook and lots of Christmas decorations.

Significance of Christmas Eve

Apart from the above mentioned customs and traditions, Christmas Eve brings along its own set of traditions. The most common one that is in practice till date is going to a Church and taking part in the Midnight Mass service. According to many Catholics of Mexico, Spain, Italy and Portugal, this Church service is of utmost importance during the Christmas season. People generally abstains themselves from eating any sort of fish or meat during the Christmas Eve and take the main meal after the Midnight Mass Service. However, in some countries the meal is consumed first and then people go for the Mass service.

cool Christmas gifts for teens

Now that you are aware of the Christmas traditions, buy cool gifts for everyone and take part in the celebration with much enthusiasm.