Social Networking - Boon or bane

Today the world is becoming more connected unlike before where isolation was the only frame. With growing technologies the impact of getting our social activities connected is emerging.  With introduction to social media things around us have become very simplified.  Unlike before we don’t have to work so hard to get things done. People now are already connected and information is like a click away.People have different perspectives to access these websites, developed and modified,  specially to socialize.  Out of our busy schedule we don’t get time to socialize or be in touch with people but because of social media we are all connected and updated to each other.  Socialization is not necessarily to be around people, many people use it as a medium to promote their work, to enhance their knowledge,they  access it as a medium where group of people can come together and can share their work on regular basis. No doubt social Medias have brought a flow of simplification in today’s complex world but where there are advantages there are some curses too. Whatever we spent our most time with has a great influence on us. Similarly social Medias do have influences and these influences are clearly visible in coming generations.  We already have these social websites installed and updated on our smart phones and through this the world is connected together as one. Facts happening around the corners of world are easily accessible through these sitesand we need not waste time searching around the web or wait for it to be published on a piece. Though it has made things serene it has made things complicated in certain domain.


impact on people

People are seen spending most of their time on these websites specially the young generation. Information and socially accessed knowledge has become secondary whereas their main concern has become socialization. The impact till now is not that fulfilling. Some productive enhancements whereas some terrible misled are easily witnessed everywhere.  Because of mediocre mind sets of young generation social Medias have also become a platform of crime. A platform which could have been emphasized productively was misled into such drastic mediocrity with growing time. They find it so fascinating to spend most time socializing while increasing their horizon of friendship, conversing to know more about each other sitting at complete different places. Using social sites to converse has become so popular among everyone that now they find it difficult to sit and talk in real. They’d rather prefer to talk digitally than to meet in real. This has led to many drastic variations in coming generations. Spending most time on smart phones and notebooks or pc’s is surveyed rather than spending time with people in real. Accessing social media in order to accomplish or to publish is becoming the new trend.  Such people misuse the boon degrading its weight.  Rate of increase in Cybercrime was reported with increase in use of social media.  A recent survey done by the psychological department analyzed that these sites have become very addictive for people. Updating oneselfregularly on these sites, being in touch with people, conversing for hours and dropping comments unnecessarily has proved that people are losing their self-esteem and independence. Solitude is getting washed away from these people. Spending entire time doing such activities make them lame and dependent on each other.  Though it has some pessimistic impacts it also has enhancing positivity. Some people are really accomplishing heights coming together through such sites.  In terms of young generation specifically it can be conclusive that these sites are more of a boon , provided they use it well or else it’s the platform to drag oneself to mediocrity.


social media

We see many things getting accomplished and reaching heights in short spans. Social Medias do play a considerable role in all these.  Staying connected has become a good motto. Many organizations have their work and assignments discussed together on these sites. Students group in to converse their tasks and solutions. Institutes come along to discuss daily matters and conclusions. From the broader perspective it is no doubt the best parameter featured for the existing generation.  It has also been surveyed that because of these sites the efficiency of people has amplified and the tangled work is becoming more and more simplified. It has become the best platform to share reviews and comments to increment the reliability of regular work. Many organizations have started their feedback process through such sites so that even a common person can share a thought on concerned matter. Instead of differentiating people into categories social sites have pooled them together as one. No one is restricted from chasing their intention. We can keep our self-updated from all current affairs of world without wasting much of time. It’s not only the people who are getting connected but it is the series of events and troupes that are getting connected.  People have taken these sites more to a higher level. Through their smart phone they are connected to these sites which further connect them to the world. It’s not only connecting to people and work but it’s all about getting work done automatically without our physical interference. With growing connection through these sites people are finding a good way to boost themselves and their work.


People have grown more openly and broadly to these sites. They have been enhancing it exceptionally . Sites such as Facebook,twitter,instagram etc. have connected everyone distinctly.  Earlier it was impossible to talk to higher authorities of government or organizations or any industry but now these sites have made it so convenient for common people that they can share their thoughts and opinions, seek help without hesitating and bring up good solutions without tangling their situations. With good impact and influence the growth of people is amplifying and with misled and misuse, degradation has become the only cause.