Microsoft has launched a very necessary platform in the form of a word processor known as Microsoft Word. Since it has been released, it has constantly gone through the upgrading process over the years. It was released first as Multi-Tool Word for Xenix system in the year 1983. It has been made compatible with the different types of operating systems and platforms like UNIX and Mac. It is a part of the Microsoft Office package and is also available as a single product. The latest version for Microsoft Word is 2010 and the 2011 is available for Mac.

In 1983, the Multi-tool Word was developed for MS DOS and soon the name was reverted to MS WORD. It was not invented with so many functionalities as available now. It became popular as it seemed to be user friendly. The WORD for Mac soon came up with the WYSIWYG features for editing purposes. The latest MS word with all the robust features is 2010 which has come up through many updates. The various essential operations related are:-




  1. The Software can be downloaded from any good software download website by searching the Keyword “Microsoft Word Download Free” on Google.
  2. Once the software is downloaded, it can be installed following the next steps.
  3. The product key has to be written on a place from where it can be seen during the installation process.
  4. The installation CD is inserted into the CD/DVD drive of the computer/laptop or the software downloaded has to be run. The set up window will appear then.
  5. The product key, which is written before can be referred and entered at the given place and the “Continue” option can be clicked.
  6. The software agreement terms can be read. Then “I accept the terms and agreements” option can be selected and “Continue” is clicked.
  7. The type of the installation can be decided and if the system has older versions installed, “Upgrade” can be chosen. The “Customize” option is available where some themes, fonts and office tools can be excluded from the package. The components which may not be required can be excluded by clicking Uncheck on the required components. If all components are necessary, then “Continue” and then “Upgrade” option can be chosen. The next screen asks to select if the previous versions has to be removed or kept. The choosing of the older versions may cause problems in the new version or it may run slower. The older version can be chosen to “Remove” and then continue. If no older versions are installed, then “Install” and “Customize” can be chosen and then continued.
  8. A bar at the bottom shows the progress of the installation and takes few minutes. “Close” or “Go to Office online” can be chosen to go to the Microsoft website once the installation is complete.
  9. The product can then be activated either online or offline. If there is the availability of an internet connection, it can be activated online on the activation screen presented. The “Activate later” button can be chosen if offline and it takes a generally longer time to object for not using WORD anymore.
  10. Then the next instructions given below can be performed to open the document successfully. It should be noted that if some office tools are excluded, dictionary and thesaurus may not be included.



  1. Click on the start button, Go to PROGRAMS, Browse options of MICROSOFT OFFICE, Choose Microsoft office word.
  2. For going in a short way, Press (windows button) +R on the keyboard. The ‘Run’ window opens, then type WinWord and press ENTER.
  3. Click on the desktop icon which is present to access directly.


Install Microsoft Word now and feel its use!!!!