Do you need a technological detox?

Are you getting tired of checking your Smartphone now and then for new tweets or mails or likes in your post? Do you spend most of your time looking at your device? Do you spend time on your Smartphone rather than talking to your date? Are you near to a digital break down?

technological detox

If your answer is yes to any of this question then you need a technological detox. People now days are addicted to their Smartphone, all due to Facebook and Twitter. The social networking websites have affected the social life of people and now they care less about what is happening in physical world around them rather they are more interested in things happening in the e-world.

Those who fear that they may not be able to come out of this tech addiction now have an increasing number of options like wallpaper that blocks Wi-Fi and software that forces one out of their addictive websites so that people can have internet free holidays.

People connect to internet wherever they go, in all position like in restaurant, movies, dates, family outings, lying down on bed. Almost all people own a device which gives them the facility to connect to internet. In US almost half of the adults own a Smartphone and over a third of them have their own tablet computer. The sudden increase in the connection possibilities prompted every user to connect to the internet while continuing their daily activities. Over the time usage increased and users got addicted to getting online every time they find an internet connection.

French Researchers are developing special wallpaper that blocks any Wi-Fi network in range. Ahlstrom is developing the application with the target of launching it next year. A lot of schools around the world have shown interest in such applications to prevent their students from spending excessive time on their Smartphone. According to survey a large percentage of the total population of the world feel the need to stay disconnected from internet for a few days. Surveys show that with the advent of modern gadget people are spending less and less time together.

Hotels around the world are now providing their customers the option to submit their phone and tablets during check in so that they can have a technology free stay there but these things come at a cost, that too on a per hour basis. Holiday packages are available to places without internet connection. Everyone is trying to do their bit to stay away from technology like car manufacturing company Volkswagen in 2011 decide to stop sending emails to thousands of its employees between 6:15 pm to 7:00 am. Internet rehabs have been opened to teach people and help them come out of this addiction and most of the people joining rehab are teenagers or people in their 20’s and 30’s. The rehab program teaches them healthy living habits, having a good sleep and controlling their desire to remain online. The rehab program and the apps are now the need of the hour to reinstate social behavior of humans.





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