Cute and Funky- The Latest Hairstyles for 20 Something’s

cute and funky hairstyles

As the years gone by had a lot to do with how men look, 2013 fashion trends are unique when it comes to hairstyle of men. With no more boring hairstyle men used to have for years, it’s time that you change the looks for better. The first one is the golden way. Remember the epic dramas the styles with a little slick on the head. The fashion trend of 2013 is more towards two slicks like the classic drama Mad Men and boardwalk Empire. You simply can style this your way by not going for the regular cut and choosing to grow your hair till medium length. And then combing it all up after taking a middle parting with two slicks can actually make you look just that. And if you don’t think that would look too much on your little face, try cutting your hair short. Even if they are bit wavy, a short look is just appropriate for office. Fashion trends of 2013 for college going guys assure that going away from the good boy looks is not always bad. From medium length hair from the back to making a small pony tail anything which makes you look cool is in. But don’t overlook the style and go for shabby look. 2013 fashion trends give you an opportunity to be yourself than go under the knife and get your traces straight. With straightening options open for guys, men do not want to show their actual wavy or curly hair. However, a good cut can make you look smart naturally. A short wavy rough textured hair can only be set with short or medium hairstyle. But if they can be managed you can be simply work up like a rock star. If you are blindly following the fashion trend of 2013 you may land nowhere. While you follow a little smartness of your own can really bring you up in the friend circle. And who doesn’t want to look like a star. The fashion trends of 2013 make a guy look who he is. Though a medium length hair or something till the shoulders only look good on few. But if you carry it off well, you can beat all. With 2013 fashion trends you can go for a tom cruise look, a neat short military cut or a short wavy cut if you really have silky and shiny hair. Go for your own look and make sure the cut suits your face and built.



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