Cube Runner – the cube dodging arcade game

cube runner

Computer games in the recent past have gained a lot of popularity in the world especially among the young people. Most young people today spent much of their time playing computer games. Today, even children from the age of 5 can play computer games very well. They don’t need to go to school to learn how to use the computer to play the games unlike in the past. All they do is watching their seniors play the game twice or thrice and they are done. The internet has given them enough access to these games. They can either download or play them online.

Cube Runner is among the popular computer games today. Cube Runner is an action game where one runs through a playfield of cubes and not colliding with them. As you run, the cubes appear randomly from the horizon. The cube runner becomes difficult as you advance farther: you will notice that the cubes start to appear in more unpredictable manner. Hurting a cube will force you to start the game right from the beginning. The keyboard is where you use to play and control the game. The following keys are used to play and control the game:

  • Left and right arrow keys – used to dodge the cubes
  • Button P – used to pause the game

Your results in the game, Cube Runner, are displayed on the top of the screen on left side. However, there will be no time enough for you to see the points you have scored as cubes will be appearing continuously. After one manages to move through the field containing random cubes, the cubes begin will begin to form a specific shape for some time before they start their random appearance again. The speed of the game increases after this has happened for three times. You will be able to move faster and the cubes begin to be hollow. This process will get you disoriented and makes it hard for you to get through them.

Cube Runner is very exhilarating. You are only guaranteed a high score if you focus on the cube field and react as fast as you can to changes that take place during the game. Press P key whenever you want to take a break, otherwise if you just leave the game as it is and go for a break, you may hit a cube and be forced to start from the beginning. This means that even if you were riding at a higher score you will be reduced to zero. I am sure no one wants this to happen during the game because your pleasure only comes when you hit the highest score. You also need to be very careful when pressing the P key because the game will continue without giving a warning. This is emphasized because once you press the key and the game continues without you noticing and in the process, you may hit a cube and the rule is, you start all over from the beginning. It is only the coordination of your hands and eyes that will guarantee you the pleasure of this game.

However, the game may look very tricky to beginners but as you begin to master, trust me you will really enjoy it. Cube Runner can be played online without having to download it to your computer.

Therefore, don’t use your free time doing things that may harm you like taking drugs, engaging in criminal activities among other wrong activities. Instead, get your computer and play a Cube Runner. You can also invite a friend to play either using his computer or yours and compare the scores. This will relax your mind apart from giving you entertained.

Click here to download the game.